National Organization AAFTA Provides the official rules for the sport, the handbook, calendar of events, results of matches, instructions for creating your own knock-down targets, printable targets, and more.
Airgun Dealer Airguns of Arizona An excellent source for your airgunning needs. US importer for Daystate,
FX, BSA, Twinmaster and other foreign airgun manufacturers.
Forums The Yellow Forum One of the most used airgun forums on the web. Discussions are not specific to field target. Moderator: Steve in CT.
  The Yellow FT forum An area designated for field target discussions on the Network 54 forums.
  The Delphi FT forum An area for FT specific discussion on the delphi forums. Moderator: Adam Singh
  Making and Repairing Airguns Forum Provides an area for general airgun discussions, with experts in tinkering. Moderator: Larry Durham.