Results from Apr. 19, 2008 in Camp Verde, AZ

Position Shooter Total Airgun Scope Pellets
PCP Class

Match Winner

Bobby Corcorran 35 +3 USFT Elite 8-32 CPH 10.5
1 Vince Pacheco 35 +2 USFT BSA 10-50 JSB 10.3
2 Steve Montgomery 34 USFT B&L 8-32 JSB 10.3
3 Larry Piercy 32 Daystate CR-X Nightforce 8-40 CP 14.3 (.20)
4 Larry Durham 32 USFT Elite 6-24 CPH 10.5
5 Klayton Kidd 31 Daystate X2 B&L 6-24 CPH 10.5
6 Ron Drye 29 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 N/A
7 Jeff Bates 27 Daystate Huntsman Elite 8-32 Kodiak 10.6
8 Mark Kauffman 21 Daystate X2 FT Elite 6-24 JSB 8.44
9 Robin Montgomery 20 BSA Scorpion Nikko 10-50 CPH 10.5
10 (1st Spring) Scott Rogers 18 AA TX200 B&L 8-32 JSB 8.44
11 Jim Russell 17 Daystate Air Ranger Nikko 6-24 JSB 8.44
12 Bonnie Jo Drye 17 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32 N/A
13 Sue Smith  16 Steyr LG-100 Elite 8-32 JSB 10.3
14 Larry Nelson 14 FX Cyclone Centerpoint 4-16 JSB 16 (.22)
15 Joe Gramont 10 Theoben N/A CPH 10.5

Bobby and Sandy Corcorran hosted the April FT match, at their place, with 16 shooters in attendance including several newcomers.

The day started out bright and sunny with cool morning temps that gradually warmed to about the low 80ís, with a slight breeze.  I state that it started that way, but gradually got windier, and windier, and by the time we broke for lunch, the wind was literally howling!  What is with this wind??  It has been that way for the last 3 monthly shoots and seems to coincide with the scheduled 3rd Saturday of the month.  We are either going to have to reschedule the shoots, or we are going to get really good at shooting in it!

Bobby set up a 40 shot match; 10 lanes with 2 targets per lane amongst the cottonwood trees beyond the back border of his yard and adjacent to one of the branches of the Verde River.  It is a beautiful location with a lot of trees, grassland, and some blow-down from when the river flows heavy.  This is a great area in which to situate field targets and make for some interesting shooting, especially the locations of the firing points.  At one point, about mid morning, we thought it was snowing due to all the cottony stuff falling off of the cottonwood trees, drifting in the breeze, and falling to the ground all around us.  It really did look like we were in the midst of a snow storm.

After we finished shooting, Sandy Corcorran had lunch fixed for us, and had enough to feed an army.  She spent most of Friday evening and all Saturday morning fixing a marvelous spread for us.  She had the tenderest beef brisket, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, potato salad, deviled eggs, cole slaw, corn relish, baked beans, and a bunch of different cookies and fudge for dessert.  I swear, most of these shooters just show up to eat!  The aroma drifting through the air made you want to forget about shooting and just chow down! 

A very heartfelt thank you is conveyed to both Sandy and Bobby for their hospitality and opening their home to our motley crew.  They, like Debbie and Dale Keiser at the January and February matches, have our endless gratitude for going above and beyond to make us all welcome.  We cannot thank them enough. 

After lunch and a short club meeting, we commenced to brave the windy elements (we are talking about trees bending over and anything loose flying through the air!!) to shoot a 32 target Hunter Field Target match.  Only half of the group decided to give it a try.

Here are the HFT results:

Bobby Corcorran 21
Klayton Kidd 20
Mark Kauffman 18
Steve Montgomery 18
Sue Smith 11
Ron Drye 10
Joe Gramont 8
Larry Nelson 8/20
Jeff Bates 2/6
Larry Piercy DNF

Next months match will be Saturday, May 17 at Rocky Park.  Please refer to the website: for times and directions.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona