Results from August 15, 2009 in Mormon Lake, AZ

The August 2009 Group

This is getting to be more fun each and every time I write a report for the club. This month, for the 3rd month in a row, we have had 19 shooters, and they haven’t been the same shooters each month. Considering the weather, who wouldn’t want to participate? The skies were a brilliant blue without a cloud anywhere to be seen. The temps were somewhere in the mid 70’s with a constant “breeze” of between 5 and 10 mph and gusting to almost 20 mph for the entire day, that is, until we were done shooting. Blustery is a good word to describe wind alley. On the ride up we observed a herd of about 75 to 100 elk watering along the edge of Mormon Lake, just a few miles south of our match venue. This kind of peacefulness and stress relief is always welcomed.

Sight-In Line

We had a BUNCH of new folks attend; some to shoot while others observed. Hey, all I (and others) do is bait the hook; they are the ones who set it! LOL! From the smiles on the faces of those who were there, they are definitely hooked. Steve Timarac and his lady friend Susan were there. Steve would have liked to shoot but was having concerns with a gun not holding air. Besides, it was Susan’s birthday and they had to leave early (wink, wink). They brought along friends Jay and his son Perry, who were having a great time. New shooter from last month, Obie Morales, brought along his lovely wife and his father.

Jim Russell (who also had gun concerns with his not holding air) brought his wife, Michele and 10 month old daughter, Paige, who is growing cuter every time I see her. Fellow archery league competitor, Steve Banovic was also on hand to learn more about this sport.

This is really becoming a family event, plus it was good to escape the heat from the valley, enjoy the cooler temps in the pines, and also the camaraderie of our club members. You could tell everyone was having a good time from the laughter and giggling that erupted from all over the firing line. It was obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Don Kling

We also had several newbies who did shoot. My long time fellow pistol team member, Don Kling, shot my Daystate X2 and dang near beat me with it for his first time ever behind a scope! Ron and Bonni brought along friend Scott Glenn who made a darned good showing shooting a borrowed gun, and Kerri Boehmer brought along his oldest son, Kaleb, who shot extremely well with a gun as big as he was. Kerri’s buddy, Luis Ruiz, shot his first match and finished in 4 th place after he hemmed and hawed about just wanting to watch for his first time. Not Likely!

Future champion in training!

Here are the scores:

Position Shooter Total Airgun Scope Pellets
PCP Class
Match Winner Steve Montgomery 35/40 USFT Leupold 45 JSB 10.3
1 Ron Drye 33 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 10.3
2 Larry Piercy 32 Daystate LR-90 B&L 8-32 CP 10.5
3 Dale Keiser 31 Daystate CRX Burris 8-32 CP 10.5
4 Luis Ruiz 30 BSA Scorpion Hawke 6-24 CP 10.5
5 Larry Nelson 29 Steyr LG-110 Hawke 8-32 JSB 10.3
6 Robin Montgomery 28 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3
7 O.B. Morales 27 Daystate Mk4 Hawke 6-24 CP 10.5
7 Scott Glenn 27 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 10.3
9 Scott Rodgers 26 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3
10 Scott Jones 25 Daystate Huntsman Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3
11 Bobby Corcorran 24 Air Arms RN10 Burris 8-32 CP 7.9
12 Bonni Drye 22 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 10.3
12 Ray Horneman 22 Daystate Air Ranger MTC Viper 8-32 CP 10.5
14 Mark Kauffman 20 Daystate CR-X ST Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44
15 Don Kling 19 Daystate X2 Bushnell 6-24

JSB 8.44

16 Kerry Boehmer 16 Daystate Airwolf MVT Hawke 6-24 JSB 14.3
DNF Jim Russel 14 Daystate Mk4 Bushnell 6-24 JSB 10.3
1st Youth Kaleb Boehmer 11 Benjamin Discovery MTC Viper 3-12 JSB 10.3

Next month will be the Arizona State FT championships at this same location. The dates are September 19 and 20. We already have a number of shooters from Diablo FT club in CA and from Pasadena CA pre-registered, and a bunch from AZ. We are looking at over 30 competitors for a 48 shot match on Saturday and a 32 shot match on Sunday. We will have our annual raffle prize drawing after the match and lunch on Saturday, with tickets available for purchase beforehand. Sunday morning worship services for those who don’t want to miss church, will be offered prior to the Sunday match by our club president, Larry Piercy. For more information, please email me at: for more information on lodging and to pre-register.

Many thanks to Steve & Robin Montgomery, Bobby Corcorran, Scott Rogers, Larry Nelson, and Ray Horneman, and all the others who helped set up the lanes and targets. We used a different area of the available property for a very challenging match. Thank you guys for making it enjoyable.

Arrow Taking Advantage of an Empty Padded Case!

Also, thanks to Steve Timarac who supplied some of the pictures for this report, and took video of the shooting, too. Thanks also to Dale Keiser for helping with registration and target assignments. I apologize for not taking more pic’s, but I was just glad to be awake and NOT working after all the hours this past week at work.

Until next month, keep the pellets flying down range, and practice, practice, practice.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary / Airgunners of Arizona