Results from July 19, 2008 in Rocky Park, AZ

View along the sight in line

With the recent triple digit heat that we have been having in the valley, it was a much needed respite to get back up into the cool pines of northern Arizona.  The weather held out with high clouds, lower temps, and a nice breeze.  It could not have been a nicer day!

Steve and Robin Montgomery, with the aide of Bobby Corcorran laid out a very nice course; 6 lanes with 3 targets per lane, in a semi-circular pattern.  With the exception of 2 or 3 targets that were positioned at the longer distances, the rest were in the medium ranges (20 to 35 yards) with a few closer.  All in all a nice layout……especially when you considered that THEY were also going to be shooting spring piston guns this month!!!

Yes, we had 5 guys shooting springer, and the other 5 shooting PCP.  A nice mix.  We had another new shooter this month; JW, aka: James Walker and his lovely wife Peg, joined us for a plink in the pines.  With all the lanes starting from the same mid point, we all had a chance to shoot the varying distances and still chat and harass each other from close proximity.

Thanks to BJ (aka: “the troublemaker”) we learned that Robin Montgomery is expecting!  Great news!  What she is “expecting” in about 4 months or so, is a new USFT in burnt orange coloration.  Thanks Bonni!  I promised you I would not publicly print your other nickname, and I will hold true to that.  LOL!

The ladies and their parasol; BJ shading Robin, shooting hubbies USFT until hers arrives.

I decided to shoot my recently, beautifully restocked TX200 (by Steve Corcoran), and to make me feel that I was not the Lone Ranger, the guys (Bobby, Steve, Scott, and Jim) decided to shoot theirs also…..and kick my butt in the process!  I learned a lot about shooting springer after sighting in at 1200 feet above sea level (Phoenix) and then shooting a match at 6800 +/- feet above sea level in Rocky Park.  With the air being thinner, the pellet flies farther.  I was shooting waaaaaaaaaay high, and missing some reasonably easy (all of them were easy) targets.  After figuring out that I had to hold under by 2 mil dots, I finished the match OK, but learned a valued lesson.  Needless to say, I was taken to the cleaners by my “buddies”.

Over on the other side (PCP), Debbie Keiser put on a clinic, by missing only one target for the match and coming away match winner after claiming she hasn’t picked up her gun in months!  Yeah, right!

Anyway, here are the match results for our 6 lane, 36 target July match;

Position Shooter Total Airgun Scope Pellets
PCP Class

Match Winner

Debbie Keiser 35 / 36 Daystate CR-97 SE B&L 8-32 CP 10.5
1 Dale Keiser 33 Daystate CR-X B&L 8-32 CP 10.5
2 Robin Montgomery 32 USFT B&L 8-32 JSB 10.3
3 Bonnie Jo Drye 16 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 10.3
4 James Walker 8 FX Tarantula Simmons 6.5-20 Kodiak 10.4
Spring Class
1 Steve Montgomery 26 Air Arms TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB 8.44
2 Bobby Corcorran 25 Air Arms TX200 Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44
3 Scott Rogers 24 Air Arms TX200 B&L 4200 36 JSB 8.44
4 Jim Russell 23 HW97K Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44
5 Mark Kauffman 20 Air Arms TX200 Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44

Our next match will be Saturday, August 16 here again at the Rocky Park location.  Please refer to our website for more information.  We are carpooling from Phoenix area (that would include Sue and Klayton from Tucson) to cut down on the cost of gas.  Please call or email if interested.

Our fearless leader, Larry Piercy (club pres.) is down and out with a surgically repaired torn meniscus to his left knee and carpal tunnel repair to his right wrist.  Drop him a line to say “hey” and let him know you were thinking of him.  You can just imagine the verbal abuse I gave him with that combination of maladies!  Anyone know where I can get a left-handed roll of toilet paper?  Oh!  Sorry Larry, I forgot this is going out on the internet!


Respectfully submitted….sorta

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona