Results from March 7, 2009 in Camp Verde, AZ

March 2009 Airgunners of Arizona group.

The clubs monthly field target match for March was approached with a bit of trepidation. After talking on the phone with Bobby Corcorran, this month’s match host, he stated that the morning temperatures were hovering near freezing and the days had been quite windy in Camp Verde. The heavy cloud cover that we had this past week dissipated by Saturday morning with bright sunshine and some high clouds, and it was comfortable with just a sweatshirt. NO PROBLEM!

Ty rangefinding through the thick brush.

13 shooters converged to play airgun games on a challenging course set up by Bobby Corcorran. With the amount of rain we have had in the past several months, the grass was thick, lush, and very green, and the target placement took advantage of the natural tangle downrange. We were going to have some fun!

Ty and Dillon looking on as Ron shoots. Ty adjusting his scope as grandpa Ron watches.

Ron Drye brought along his 2 grandsons, Ty and Dillon, and his brother-in-law, Scott Jones. Bonni Jo was conspicuously missing using “quilting” as a lame excuse. Steve Montgomery was shooting his wife’s brand new burnt orange USFT carbine while Robin is home recuperating, and the usual cast of characters was on hand to try to best each other in the pellet wars.

Ray prepares to shoot his Air Ranger. Steve zeroes in with his USFT!

We did battle tiny kill zones and some tricky wind that was inconsistent. Sometimes it blew down by the targets and sometimes back by the firing line, and not in the same direction either. Bobby’s choice of target placement, using natural features, really tested one’s ability to range the distance, and dope the wind, AFTER you found the target!

Match Winner, Dale Keiser, knocks down another target!

After all was said and done, Dale Keiser came out on top of the heap, only dropping 4 shots out of 40. Great shooting! Ron’s grandson, Ty, even outscored grandpa for his first FT shoot! Here are the scores:

Position Shooter Total Airgun Scope Pellets
PCP Class
Match Winner Dale Keiser 36 / 40 Daystate CR-X Burris 8-32 CP 10.5
1 Bobby Corcorran 35 USFT Bushnell 8-32 CP 10.5
2 Scott Rodgers 32 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3
3 Mark Kauffman 31 Daystate X2 FT Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44
4 Jim Russell 30 Daystate Mk4 Bushnell 6-24 JSB 10.3
5 Steve Montgomery 29 USFT Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3
6 Debbie Keiser 27 Daystate CR-97 SE Burris 8-32 CP 10.5
7 / 1st Junior Ty Coglianese 25 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 8.44
8 Larry Nelson 23 Daystate Timberwolf Bushnell 8-32 JSB 10.3
9 Ron Drye 22 Daystate Huntsman Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 8.44
10 Scott Jones 21 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 8.44
11 Ray Horneman 19 Daystate Air Ranger MTC Viper JSB 8.44
12 / 2nd Junior Dillon Coglianese 7 Daystate Mk3 Centerpoint 8-32 JSB 8.44

Sandy Corcorran opted not to shoot in order to feed this crew. Have I mentioned in past reports that these guys like to eat??? Sandy’s chili is phenomenal and doesn’t last long (read, “devoured”), but I experienced pure heaven in the form of those delicious little cheese cake squares! OH, MY are they wonderful! Fortunately, I was able to limit myself to only 4, or 5. No more than 6, I swear! I have no idea how I missed them in the past. Sandy, thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us.

Next month’s match will be back here again on April 4, and we will probably have a group traveling over to LD’s match in Temecula, CA 2 weeks later, April 18 & 19. Check the club website for future match dates and locations at

Until next time, keep those pellet flyin’ downrange.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Kauffman

Secretary, Airgunners of Arizona