XL Tactical

The BSA Lightning XL is based on what is probably the most popular British made spring rifle of recent times. The action is silimar to the tried and tested favorite that has graced the hunting field since it's introduction in the late 90's, but the similarity ends there.

Internally the XL has utilized new technologies with a synthetic spring guide, improved dampener sleeve and upgraded mainspring which results in a higher overall performance. The XL Tactical's stock is computer-designed to provide everything sporting shooters need, and nothing they don't. The specifically-developed, hi-impact polymer compound used to form the stock is always warm to the touch, provides secure grip and remains warp-free in all climate conditions. The barrel has been shrouded in a full length, permanently attached bull barrel moderator which tapers purposely towards the breech, and helps give the XL that famous stability "on aim" for which BSA rifles are rightly famed. But perhaps the biggest change is the trigger which has been completely re-engineered to offer the shooter control which is truly breathtaking. A two stage precision unit which is adjustable for the individual shooters preferred weight of pull, this trigger is a masterpiece which must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The ultra-practical Tactical - a sporter for all seasons!


Overall Length

Barrel Length


Lightning XL



6.6 lbs

Muzzle Energy:




Lightning XL

13 ft/lbs

14 ft/lbs

15 ft/lbs

Feet Per Second:




Lightning XL




Our Tests:

.177 - 13 ft/lbs

.22 - 14 ft/lbs

.25 - 15 ft/lbs

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