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Airguns of Arizona

1970 W Elliot Rd., Ste. 109

Gilbert, AZ 85233

 Phone (480) 461-1113

Fax (480) 461-3928

Airguns of Arizona's

current time is:




7:30-5:30 - Phones

8:30-5:30 Showroom

Saturday: 9:00-1:00

Sunday: CLOSED


Welcome to the Airguns of Arizona store!

Come in and have a look around!

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If you are in town for business or pleasure, stop by and visit our showroom.

We enjoy putting faces to names with our customers. Come by and handle and/or shoot the rifle of your dreams!

Need pricing, availability or just more information?

Or call us, we still like to talk the old fashion way!

Phone: (480)461-1113

Fax: (480)461-3928