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12 gr. CO2 ~ PellGun Oil ~ 4 Pc Benjamin Intermount ~ 4 Pc Crosman Intermount ~ Williams Peep ~ 4x32 Scope ~ Trigger Mount Laser ~ Red Dot Sight ~ Shoulder Stock ~ Pellet Trap ~ Varmint Targets ~ Safety Glasses ~ 1077 Magazines ~ Firepow'r Kit

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12 GRAM CO2 Cartridges

Be sure of proper fit and seal with genuine POWERLET 12 gram CO2 cartridges by Crosman.

Crosman CO2 5-Pack

Model Number: 231B
Quantity: 5

Crosman CO2 25-Pack

Model Number: 2311

Quantity: 25

Crosman CO2 40-Pack

Model Number: 23140

Quantity: 40




Crosman Pellgunoil(TM)
Crosman PellGun Oil

Pellgun oil prevents your airguns from rusting and the seals from drying out. See operating instructions in your manual before using.

Model Number: 0241


4-Piece Intermount for Benjamin/Sheridan

Benjamin/Sheridan 4-Pc. Intermount

Readies your air rifle or pistol for pin-point sighting devices. This 4-Piece Intermount fits (current production) Benjamin and Sheridan air rifles and air pistols.
Model Number: B272


4-Piece Intermount for Crosman

Crosman 4-Pc Intermount

Intermount for mounting 3/8" dovetail scopes and sights on to models 1740, 1760, 2240, 2250B, 2260, 2289, 1377C, 1322 and 3576W Crosman Products.
Model Number: 459MTC


Crosman Williams Receiver-Mounted Peep Sight

Crosman Peep Sight

For current Benjamin Sheridan and Sheridan rifles. Factory drilled and tapped for easy installation.

Model Number: L64


Crosman Targetfinder 4x32mm Scope

Crosman Targetfinder 4x32 Scope

This powerful scope is made from quality 1" aluminum tubing. The scope features a focusing eyepiece and precision coated optics with handy turret adjustments for windage and elevation. It has a weatherproof, black finish and easily mounts on all current Crosman air rifles with 3/8" dovetail grooved receivers. 3/8" ring mounts included.

Model Number: 4032


Crosman Trigger Mount Laser Sight

Crosman Trigger Mount Laser

Crosman trigger mount laser sight gives shooters increased accuracy. Compatible with models like the 1008, CP88, Beretta and Colt air pistols and the 1760 air rifle. Includes remote switch.

Model: 0421TM


Crosman Red Dot Sight

Crosman Red Dot Sight

Red dot sight with large lens and finger knob adjustments.

Model Number: 0290RD


Crosman Custom Shoulder Stock

Crosman Shoulder Stock

Fits model 1377 and 2240 as well as discontinued Models 105, 111, 130, 150, 151, 1300, 1322 and SSP250
Increase your airgun's stability for greater accuracy! This high-impact plastic shoulder stock installs easily and converts your pistol into a small rifle.

Model Number: 1399


Crosman Target Trap

Crosman Pellet Trap

The safe way to stop BBs and pellets, indoors and out. Exclusive triple safety curtains are backed up with heavy-gauge galvanized steel.

Model Number: 0850


Crosman Varmint Targets

Crosman Varmint Targets

Each pack contains 5 of each of the 4 different animal targets, for a total of 20 targets.

Model Number: 0496


Crosman Shooting Safety Glasses

Crosman Shooting Glasses

The safety necessity for adult shooters! Black frame, clear lens plastic shooting glasses adjust for your individual comfort while offering high impact eye protection.

Model Number: 0477C


Crosman Magazines for 1077

Crosman 1077 Magazines

Lets you pre-load 12-shots on the Crosman 1077.

Model Number: 0413


Crosman Firepow'r Kit

Four 5-shot clips for models 760, 66 and 781 air rifles.

Model Number: 0401


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