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Daisy is the world's oldest and largest marketer of airguns and related products. For over 125 years, most people have taken their first shot with a Daisy BB gun. These Avanti series airguns are designed for the competition shooting sports market, and are used by many in 10-Meter training and shooting programs throughout the world.

499 Champion

Daisy Champion 499

753 Elite

Daisy Avanti 753 Elite

853 Lengend

Daisy Avanti 853 Legend

853C Lengend EX

Daisy Avanti 853C Legend EX

888 Medalist

Daisy Avanti 888 Medalist

887 Gold Medalist

Daisy Avanti 887 Gold Medalist

747 Triumph

Daisy Avanti 747 Triumph

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