Daystate - November 2002

Daystate's C.E.O. Gary Sanders, his wife Phil, and his two daughters Kim and Holly graciously took us into their home and treated us like family. We were treated to a trip to Warwick Castle, where on display were some fantastic early precharged flintlock style rifles and pistols. I am not an expert on antique airguns, but I do recognize and appreciate the beauty and craftmanship of those pieces of airgun history.

Back at the Daystate factory, the entire works was very busy with final development of the new Mk3 rifle. I was treated with a look at the prototype by Daystate's Marketing Diector, Tony Belas, and Chief Design Director, Rob Thompson, and what can I say, but WOW! To say the least, I am very impressed with this new model. They have incorporated features and design technologies never seen before on an air rifle. Most I cannot disclose, but a few enticing tidbits I am allowed to pass on. First of all, the rifle will sport an all new trigger. This unit will allow for absolute control of let off weight, sear engagement, 1st and 2nd stages, with complete safety. In fact, the old rocker-style safety is gone, and in its place is a rotary unit at the rear of the receiver. All new regulator, Mk3 valve unit, and hammer with very low cocking effort maximize shots per fill, and are all standard on the RT version soon to come.

The Mk3 is a ten shot repeater with a removable magazine system that can be easily converted to single shot with a small plate supplied with the rifle. The system is engineering excellence. The magazine is Daystate's own design, so you know it will be extremely reliable. Daystate's design team have made it impossible for the magazine to foul, and over-rotate, causing jams. You can even see how many rounds are left without removing the mag from the rifle. The magazine can be removed, and a small alloy plate with a loading trough can be installed, making the rifle Field Target capable.
The accuracy of the rifle, I have been assured by Tony Belas, will be nothing less than spectacular, so it will find its way onto the bench, or in field target competitions as well as one of the finest repeating rifles being made to present. The air cylinder is all steel, deeply polished and blued. Daystate chose the Huntsman length cylinder for the U.S. market to maximize power and shots per fill. How many shots per fill? They have approximated almost one-and-a-half as many at the same power levels as their current Huntsman model. The breech block is precision CNC machined from the highest grade alloy that will take a finish. Barrel-to-Breech engagement has been increased as well as three securing points for greatest stability and accuracy. The double honed, Lothar-Walther, match-grade barrel will be shrouded to increase structural integrety and will be fitted with either a new design, permanent barrel weight or their new Muzzle Flip Compensator unit.
I was not able to see the stock, as it was off at Gary Cane's workshop receiving the final touches before production. I was told by Rob that it is a very pleasing design, comfortable for field and target applications. He was very excited. Coming from Rob, that is saying A LOT!

Daystate is very proud and excited about this new model. It represents, for them, a milestone in design, production, quality, and innovation. There are so many more features about this rifle that cannot be disclosed until production is complete. Please don't even try and ask. They won't tell you, and neither can we. The Mk3's should be with us here in the States in late February, early March. We are as excited as you are. This rifle will definately be a must have addition to any airgun collector, small game hunters and target shooters alike!



Robert Buchanan

Airguns of Arizona


PS - Shortly after this trip, and after this report was written, Daystate dropped the veil on the Mk3 and have disclosed all of the details.