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Daystate Air Wolf MVT


Technically the most advanced air rifle ever built. The Air Wolf MVT contains a new cutting edge technology to create a superb hunting package. MVT rifles contain an onboard chronograph as well as electronic sensors to increase shot count and to remove any variation. With MVT the shooter simply dials in the required velocity from 400 feet per second up to the set maximum. The onboard LCD screen displays pressure, velocity, shot counter, magazine counter as well as remaining air pressure. The super efficient CDT system combined with a 500cc bottle results in a huge shot capacity, and if required, potential for higher power. The full-length barrel shroud combined with our electronic system makes this rifle almost completely silent.

Overall Length

40.5 inches

Barrel Length (High Power)

17 inches up to 40 ft/lbs.

Calibers Available

.177 or .22




Electronic, manual; re-settable, with key-switch isolator

Action Finish


Air Cylinder Capacity

500cc non-removable bottle


Power and Shots/Fill Tests

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