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Made in England

Imported by Daystate America

Daystate Huntsman Classic

Daystate Huntsman XL


Retro-styling taking things back to a sleeker lightweight design, yet with all the features you would expect from a modern Daystate, such as 10 shot magazine, integral barrel shroud, pressure gauge, and safety catch. The Huntsman is fitted with the patented Harper MK4 "sling-shot" valve for superior performance.

The Daystate Huntsman Classic comes standard with 11mm dovetail grooves cut into the receiver for scope mounting.

Traditional shooters will appreciate the Huntsman's fit and feel as it relates to a conventional firearm.


Overall Length

38 inches

Barrel Length (High Power)

15.75 inches

Calibers Available

.177, 20, .22 or .25


6 lbs



Action Finish



Power and Shots/Fill Tests

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