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Daystate Mk4 iS

Scope and Mounts Not Included

The Daystate Mk 4 takes the revolutionary electronic system to the next level. Featuring a new version of the Harper Patent electronic firing system called MCT (Mapped Compensated Technology) which uses pressure feedback from the air cylinder to "regulate" power. The Mk4 also features the new Harper "sling-shot" valve. These new systems increase shot count and consistency greatly over previous versions. The increase in efficiency also makes it more quiet to shoot. The Mk4 S has a Sporter walnut stock with modern lines, while the ST has a Sporter-Thumbhole walnut stock with similar lines.

The CDT electronic firing system comes complete with features such as shot counter, magazine counter, and single-shot mode. The Daystate Mk4 comes with all of the fancy features disabled, but they are easily activated as needed.

Overall Length 36.5 inches
Barrel Length (High Power) 17 inches
Calibers Available .177 .20 ,22 and .25
Weight 7.5 lbs
Safety Manual, electronic rotary lever with keyswitch isolator
Capacity 10-Shot Magazine or Single Shot Tray
Fill Pressure 3335 psi
Air Capacity 144 cc

Mk4 iS - $1997

Mk4 iS Thumbhole - $2288

Power and Shots/Fill Tests

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