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FAS was founded in 1972 to meet the demands of shooters who until that time had no specific tool for their shooting activity.
The countless medals since its first release, have helped to bring higher and higher a name that has become famous around the world.

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Made In Italy

FAS Air Pistols

FAS 609 Match

FAS 609


Model Cal. Total Wt. Overall Length Velocity (fps) Accuracy c-t-c Cocking Method Cocking Effort Powerplant Rifling (Grooves) Grips Trigger



2.09 lbs





4 lbs.

Precharged Pneumatic


Adjustable Walnut

Match Adjustable
Ported Muzzle Compensator
Built-In Pressure Gauge
Precision 2-Stage Match Trigger
Adjustable Match Rear Sight
  • Compensated Match Lothar-Walther Barrel
  • Built In Pressure Gauge on Air Cylinder
  • Fully Adjustable Match Grade Trigger
  • Adjustable Match Sights

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