FX Airguns - November 2002

Fredrik Axelsson, Owner of FX Airguns, outside the Factory in Sweden

FX Airguns in Mariestad, Sweden was our final stop. Fredrik and Annette granted us the entire lower level of their beautiful home and made us feel like one of their family. We were treated to a traditional crawfish dinner one evening (sorry Geoff Boxall) and fresh salmon the next. They even prepared some tacos for us to make us feel at home! Our wives shopped while Fredrik and I spent time in the FX factory. On the last day, Fredrik took me to Michael Haggeard's home in the middle of nowhere, Sweden. Michael is FX's stock designer and also does the anodizing for the entire FX range. Michael also builds the most beautiful falling block firearms I have ever seen. He builds these weapons 100% by hand minus the Schilling barrel. I had the pleasure of taking one of these rifles into the Swedish countryside with Fredrik and Michael to hunt Rowe deer. I was scared to death of dropping it! We had to cut the hunt short because of low visibility. The heavy fog and low light left us with about 100 meters maximum. "Maybe next time," Michael says, "we hunt moose!"

Fredrik, Michael, and Airguns of Arizona are planning a range of custom rifles tentatively called the FX Haggeard Custom Guns. We will keep you informed as the project develops. Michael is a gentleman in every respect and a master gunsmith. I recommend calling him to secure one of his firearms if you can, whatever the cost. Please contact us for his phone number.

Robert, owner of AOA, and Fredrik going over the new trigger for the Cyclone, Ultimate and Xterminator rifles

Fredrik has been blessed with one of the finest airgun minds in the world, not only does he possess the ability to see in his head and transform that into reality, but he also understands both the pneumatic and spring piston power plants and can achieve what most airgun designers say is not possible. The Tarantula and Timberwolf rifles have already made a name for themselves as extremely accurate, powerful, and efficient airguns that provide match accuracy out of a sporter. We are pleased to say these rifles will remain in production as long as the shooting public desires them. The Timberwolf & Tarantula Sport stocks have become almost impossible to get. However, the Grade C Tarantula stocks are in good supply and should be for quite a while. The new range of FX rifles, the Cyclone, Ultimate, and soon to come Xterminator, along with a new gun code named Sniper represents FX's latest developments and innovations. The synthetic stock has been upgraded to include a better finish, screwed on butt pad, and perfectly fitted rubber grips for the forend and pistol grip. The stock is both comfortable and purpose designed to be lightweight, strong, warp proof, waterproof, and weatherproof. The rubber inserts are very comfortable and feel warm in all climates. The entire range of rifles sport the familiar 8-shot magazine (slightly changed design) and match grade special recipe Lothar-Walther barrel. Everything else on the guns is of new design, however, including a removable air cylinder that does not loose shots when replacing, new easy-to-service valve system, light hammer & spring for low vibration, increased barrel-to-breech mounting for increased strength, improved easy-to-adjust trigger assembly that is a delight to use and is very safe. A safety has been added as well. The Cyclone has a radically new cocking stroke that is swift and easy. Rounds can be chambered and fired accurately with lightning-like speed, never taking the rifle from your shoulder, disturbing aim. The Ultimate's pistol grip action can be cycled so fast as to fire eight aimed shots in less than five seconds. The new rifle, not yet named, actually chambers the pellet automatically. All the user does is pull the cocking handle back and let go. The rifle is then ready to fire.

Tarantula stocks lined up, ready for assembly

A three-step power adjuster, another Axelsson innovation, allows the user to choose from 12 to 20 to 27 foot pounds of power with ease. This unit is unlike all the rest. Most rifles with power adjusters are not velocity consistent through the range of adjustment. The FX design has regulator-like consistency on all three adjustment settings.

Indoor testing facility used to chronograph and test fire each gun

Talking to Fredrik in person is always an adventure. He has so many ideas to bring to airgunning. He asks the airgunning public to be patient as production is 25% of what he intends it to be. Early gauge and stock problems have been sorted out and production is going intentionally slow as to assure the owner of his/her new FX rifle that it is of the highest quality. FX is an airgun superpower. They supply both Webley & Scott and RWS in the UK. Airguns of Arizona is proud to be the exclusive Importer/Distributor of FX Airguns' complete line of rifles, pumps, and compressors. As always with Fredrik, there is still more to come!

Two employees work hand-fitting components as production continues steadily



Robert Buchanan

Airguns of Arizona