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FX Bobcat

FX Bobcat

FX Bobcat Synthetic .22 Caliber

Scope and Mounts Not Included

FX Airguns has always put themselves on the leading edge of product development and innovation with a passion for small, light models. The latest rifle in the FX range is the new Bobcat; a hybrid Bullpup design that combines rifle performance and carbine length with comfort and ease of use. The Bobcat is a high power, high accuracy gun that gives up nothing in the way of field performance. Only its size is less than its Royale series brothers. The Bobcat sports the finest trigger system we have seen on a Bullpup airgun platform, with the trigger linkage working on a magnetic bearing system that overcomes the issues other makers have encountered with the long linkage system. The Bobcat's trigger will satisfy both the target shooter and hunter/plinker. The gun is packed with features like an adjustable cheek piece,  an extended scope rail that is securely mounted at the breech and barrel for accuracy, an extra large pressure gauge, a quick fill system, a sound suppressing system, and more. The Bobcat's precision valve is known to be amongst the best in the world, and is fed by a 300cc air cylinder, providing a large amount of accurate shots per fill. A regulator is now included as standard. The Bobcat is available in .22 caliber, all with the match winning Smooth Twist barrel and a magazine repeating system that delivers no shortage of performance.


Overall Length

Barrel Length





29.5" 18.5" 7.80 lbs


30 ft/lbs


Bobcat Shrouded Barrel

Shrouded Barrel

Bobcat Rail

Scope Rail Support

Bobcat Power Adjuster

Power Adjuster Wheel

Bobcat Magazine Holder

Built-In Magazine Holder

FX Bobcat Fill

Quick Fill Adapter

(NOTE: Use with FX supplied quick connect for best results)

FX Free Scope Offer

.22 - $1699

Regulator Included

Looking for a .25 or .30 caliber? Check out the FX Bobcat Mk2!

FX Bobcat Owner's Manual

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