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Monsoon Synthetic

Scope and Mounts Not Included

The FX Monsoon is the ultimate in semi-automatic airguns! The fast firing, semi-automatic system uses the wasted air behind the pellet to cycle the bolt and index the magazine.  FX incorporated their 12-shot magazine to provide the maximum amount of fun!  While the noise from the blast of air is reduced by the self-cycling action, the full sized barrel shroud reduces the muzzle report down further to a near "whisper". Keeping with traditional lines, the Monsoon uses a standard air cylinder which holds 200 bar of pressure.  The cocking bolt handle has a locking rear detent slot which enables the rifle to be safely loaded and refilled without any risk of misfire.  The FX Monsoon has a disabling safety catch on the left side of the action which prevents the rifle from firing.  The FX Monsoon delivers 28-30 ft/lbs of consistent energy in .22 caliber (18 ft/lbs in .177) with seemingly no felt recoil, and the repeating mechanism is smooth and positive.  The rifle has a 36 shot per charge capacity in .22 (48 shots in .177) which makes it fun to shoot yet highly effective for hunting applications. The 12-shot magazine (16-shot in .177) and semi-automatic action makes for extremely fast follow-up shots in the field.  The FX Monsoon combines rapid fire excitement with traditional lines and practical application.  FX adds to their legacy and continues to impress with the semi-automatic Monsoon.

Monsoon Walnut

Scope and Mounts Not Included

Overall Length

Barrel Length





19.7" 6.6 lbs


17-18 ft/lbs
43" 19.7" 6.6 lbs .22 28-30 ft/lbs



Synthetic Thumbhole Stock

Manual Safety

Removable Magazine

Shrouded Barrel

$1595 - Synthetic

$1795 - Walnut

Monsoon Owner's Manual

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