The FX Revolution takes airguns to the next level with a fast-fire, semi-automatic system that uses wasted air to cycle the bolt and index the magazine.  Based on a solid design, FX incorporated a new 12-shot magazine to allow for more shots while reducing the time between shots to zero!  Due to the efficiency of the semi-automatic system, the FX Revolution is extremely quiet without the use of any additional components.  The the air bottle is in the butt of the rifle with an ambidextrous synthetic cheek piece formed neatly around it.  The manual bolt lever enables the rifle to be safely loaded and refilled without any risk of misfire.  Along the right side of the Revolution is a cleverly designed safety that prevents the semi-automatic rifle from firing.  The FX Revolution delivers 28-32 ft/lbs of consistent energy with seemingly no felt recoil, and the repeating mechanism is smooth and positive.  The rifle supplies 60-70 shots per fill, and they go by quickly when the rifle is used at its potential!  The FX Revolution is sure to supply rapid fire enjoyment along with single shot precision.  FX created a combination that stands alone with nothing in its class to compare with.

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Overall Length

Barrel Length






7.7 lbs


28-32 ft/lbs

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