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FX Royale 200

FX Royale 200 Synthetic

FX Royale 200 Synthetic

Scope and Mounts Not Included

FX Airguns manufactures some of the finest and most innovative airgun products on the planet. Always in motion is Fredrik Axelsson, the owner and design master of FX. The airgun community has been the recipient of all the hard work and genius, that is Fredrik and his staff, over the last few years with more new models than a normal company would produce in a decade. The FX Royale 200 is yet another new addition to the many fine FX models, and has integrated some new features and benefits. The Royale 200 has a 200 cc air cylinder, hence the name. This enables the fitment of a full length, super quiet, whisper shroud system that reduces the report to…well…a whisper! The Royale 200, in response to the many southpaws, has been fitted with a first-class ambidextrous synthetic stock that has a bold tactical look, and is rugged and lightweight as well as comfortable to use. Accuracy out of the box is as Fred says, “SUPER DUPER”. With the Smooth Twist barrel technology coming into its own, the shooter can expect ½ inch groups at 40 yards and beyond. The Royale’s side-lever cocking system is as smooth as glass, with very little effort. The Royale series of guns have a patented hammer and valve system that eliminates the need for a heavy hammer spring. This rewards the shooter with minimal movement upon discharge, and results in a rifle that is very easy to shoot well with less than perfect trigger control. The trigger on the Royale is a tuned 2-stage adjustable unit, which is match grade and gives very precise release. It is a pleasure to use and the simplicity of the design allows even the novice to tune to his preference. Power levels of over 32 ft/lbs in 22 caliber allows for small game and pest control at extended ranges, combined with fine accuracy for target style shooting. The Royale 200 includes a 16-shot magazine in .177, 12-shot in .22 and 11-shot in .25 caliber. Follow up shots are in full supply with all of the calibers so the choice is yours.

As with all of the quality PCP airguns, consistent velocity is a must. Many manufactures claim shot counts that include shots that FX considers unusable. With a shot count of over 45, and a total spread of 35 fps, the performance of the Royale 200 is in a class of its own. The addition of the FX Royale 200 to a collection, or as a first-time PCP purchase will please and not disappoint the most demanding of shooter.


Overall Length

Barrel Length





43.5" 19.7" 6.6 lbs


20 ft/lbs

43.5" 19.7" 6.6 lbs


33 ft/lbs

45.5" 23.6" 6.7 lbs
45 ft/lbs


$1475 - .177 or .22

$1495 - .25

FX Royale 200 Owner's Manual

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