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3-Stage Pump

FX 3-Stage Pump





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FX is a Swedish manufacturer of airguns and pumps. The Super Stroke Pump series has the best reputation for quality and reliability as a precharged pneumatic fill device. Available in the classic 3-stage version that maximizes efficiency while minimizing effort, and the 4-stage version which utilizes a manual control stage switch which reduces the high pressure effort by adding another stage to the process. Both versions make pumping your airgun a simple yet effective method. Both pumps are also rated up to 250 BAR, so high fill guns are no problem.


Both versions feature the following: Easy-To-Read Pressure gauge in BAR and PSI, Dual moisture trap, Replaceable particle filter, and Bleed valve.

4-Stage Pump

FX 4-Stage Pump



5 Year Warranty

All FX pumps come with a 5 Year Warranty that covers parts and labor. No other pump manufacturer has the confidence in their product to give a guarantee like this!
Pump Manual

Pump Manual

Covers all type of handpumps from fx
Release date Jan 12, 2008
Download as pdf (472 kb)

Detail Drawing

Download as pdf (1.1 Mb)

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