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Hawke Ballistic Reticles Calculator (BRC) is a free tool designed to compliment the Hawke Specialised Reticles (SR6 and SR12) and the Hawke Multiple Aim Point reticles (MAP6 and MAP8).


* The BRC covers the following calibre presets.
All other calibre rifles can be accurately calculated.

177 Air
.20 Air
22 Air
22 FAC Air
.25 Air
17 HMR
17 Mach 2
17 Rem Fireball
204 Ruger
22 LR Sub
22 LR HV
22 Hornet
222 Remington
223 Remington
243 Winchester
6.5x55mm Swedish
260 Remington
270 Winchester
7mm 08
7mm Rem Magnum
280 Remington
30-06 Springfield
300 WSM
300 Win Magnum
300 Rem Ultra Mag
300 Weatherby
308 Winchester
12 gauge slug
20 gauge slug
Crossbow Bolt





With BRC you can - Choose a preferred preset set-up suitable for your calibre* - Choose a preferred reticle for your shooting requirements - Adjust the presets to either work in metric or standard (imperial). - Change zero distances, muzzle velocity, magnification and Estimated Deterioration value (ED). - Plot your rifles trajectory and find the most suitable aim points. - Carry out advanced range finding calculations.

Take the information into the field - The BRC allows you to print trajectory graphs, reticle images and range finding calculations.The BRC will save settings for future reference.

Advanced software designed to ensure the shooter is always on target. Its simple to increase your accuracy and get the most out of your SR or MAP reticle.

The BRC is quick to download and navigate around.

The calculations produce accurate results in the BRC program, that translate into accuracy and precision in the field.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista.
BRC may also run on Windows 95 systems if suitably updated.
Older systems may require the Visual Basic Runtime - click here.
Free Hard-disk space: 10 MB or more
RAM: 64 MB minimum
Display: 600 x 800 or greater.
(A color monitor is preferred but a monochrome device is usable)
Printer: Optional
You will need a printer on which to print the graph and/or reticles. Again, a color printer is best but a black/white printer will suffice.