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FX Royal 500

FX Royale by Jim Chapman

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by Jim Chapman

Daystate Air Wolf MCT - Need more proof?

Kip's Daystate Air Wolf MCT Group

Here's a sample group shot by Kip Perow at 20 yards with a .22 Daystate Air Wolf MCT!

Daystate Mk3 put to the Test!!!

An amazing, but realistic 50-shot group off a rest at 35 yards, shot by Scott Decapio off a single fill with his Daystate Mk3 .177!

Excellent shooting Scott!  Yet another example of the consistency and accuracy of the Daystate Mk3's!

JSB Exact Express .177

by Brad Troyer

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Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60 Mil-Dot

by Brad Troyer

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BSA Hornet Single Shot .22

Very easy to shoot this accurately!

First group shot after sighting in the rifle!

Shot by Greg Glover of Airguns of Arizona

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Scott in CO - 103 Yards with His Cyclone

I had to send you guys this pic because I'm just
amazed with the cyclone's performance. -And I wanted
to say thanks since you guys sold me one fine rifle!
These four 5-shot groups were shot at 103yds with .22
JSB's. Three of the four groups measured under 1"
c-t-c!!! The "bad" group on the upper left turned out
to be 1.25" c-t-c. Three out of four sub-MOA groups at
100yds = HUGE GRIN on my face!

Thanks, and a BIG thumb's-up for FX!

Scott DeCapio
What Rifle Could Have Possibly Shot This Group?

Shot by Mike Kemp

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Webley Longbow

by Brad Troyer

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by Airguns of Arizona

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We tested the FX Tarantula along side of the Webley FX2000 in a side-by-side comparison to show the differences that do, in fact, exist. As the only Importer for both FX Airguns and Webley & Scott, we felt it was our obligation to provide these unbiased facts.

FX Super Swift

by Tom Kimble

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FX Cyclone

by Jay Holiday

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I.F.P. Target Shot with Daystate CR-X

Targets are 1" with 1/2" Centers.

Center bull shows test groups with NEW JSB 10.3gr pellets

Bottom two groups are shot with Crosman Premier 10.5gr from Lot #6 & Lot #2

*Note: Wind was 5-10 mph

Shot by Former Field Target Champion,

Robert Crocker
FX EZ-Air I Compressor

Under Pressure


Tom Gaylord

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FX Tarantula .177


Carlos Garza

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by Airguns of Arizona

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We tested the FX Timberwolf Walnut along side of the Webley Raider/Viper in a side-by-side comparison to show that they are two guns, built by different manufacturers.
Daystate Harrier SE .177

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Bobby Corcorran

FX Tarantula Converts Another Rimfire Shooter To Airguns!!!

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Air Arms S410E .22

3 Shot @ 50 yards

Bench & Sand Bags

No Wind

Target Submitted by Brian Malson
FX Cyclone .22

by Tom Kimble
Daystate Harrier SE .22

1" x 1" Squares

Test Group Shot by Cody Baker @ 50 Yards

British Writer, Simon Moore, Takes a Look at Some Daystate Rifles!

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Huntsman PH-6 Harrier

Huntsman MkII Magnum .22

Target submitted by John Fitzgerald Daystate Huntsman Magnum 10 Shot Group @ 50 Yards 21 gr Kodiak Pellets @ 967 FPS (45 Foot Pounds Energy) .662 C-T-C Grouping

DAYSTATE CR-X Brad Troyer reviews the Daystate CR-X! READ THIS REVIEW!


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