ISP Air Rifles - 2002

While in England, Tony Belas drove me to Shooting Supplies, a gun shop in the Birmingham area. While talking airguns with store clerk, I saw a rifle on the rack that pecked my interest. It was an absolutely gorgeous bolt-action rifle that looked, felt, and operated like a fine single-shot cartridge arm. The airgun was named the Spartan, and is built by hand by Shaun and Ivan Hill. I had the pleasure of then meeting Shaun, and he described this piece of old-world craftsmanship to me personally. The entire bolt assembly, air cylinder, valve and trigger are made 100% by he and his father, Ivan. The barrels are purchased from Lother-Walthar and are, of course, their match-grade barrels. The bolt-action functions exactly like a firearm. The pellet probe is hidden inside the massive bolt. The fit and finish, metalwork, and woodwork are truly custom quality. The air cylinder is tucked away inside the forearm of the stock. The barrel is shrouded, giving the desired appearance of a full-bore. Detailed engraving graces both the side of the receiver and the barrel. The engraving is of the highest quality, done by a master engraver. The same as used by Daystate for their custom work. A custom-made brass trigger guard protects the casehardened trigger blade that screams custom quality. I was allowed an opportunity to dry fire the rifle, and the trigger has a very crisp two-pound pull. The gunstock is custom made by Hills to the quality that the customer requests, including type of wood, grade, as well as type of checkering patterns (skipline or standard fine cut). The performance of this rifle is 20 ft/lbs in .22, 12-17 ft/lbs in .177, with 20-25 shots of air capacity. This is a custom made rifle, so production is understandably low. The level of attention required limits production to one rifle per month. Airguns of Arizona has been granted by the Hills, the U.S. agency for this rifle. If you are interested in one of these very special, one-of-a-kind air rifles please call and we will secure your place in line. The Spartan is not an inexpensive gun, as $2000-$3000 per gun is not uncommon depending on your desired specifications. I was so impressed, that I have secured the showpiece of their shop for my own collection. I am going to treasure mine, as you will if you decide to purchase one of these pieces of airgunning art.



Robert Buchanan

Airguns of Arizona


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