IWA 2003

After driving from the Daystate factory to the Netherlands to meet up with Daystate's European distributor, Alfred de Vries, Tony Belas and I were both exhausted and thrilled to have found our way through Northern Europe! The next morning the three of us set out for Nurnburg, Germany. Upon arrival, we had to unload and setup the Daystate booth inside the Exhibition Center. Once the booth was finished, we spent a night on the town and prepared for the show!

While helping run the Daystate booth, I was able to get away on my breaks to visit other booths in the show. The following are some pictures and descriptions of some of the interesting things in the way of airgunning:

Daystate ~ Webley & Scott ~ BSA ~ TwinMaster ~ Air Arms ~ Diana ~ FWB ~ Weihrauch

The Daystate booth had full representation from each of the distributors.

(Left to Right: Alfred de Vries from Daystate Europe, Greg Glover from Daystate America, Tony Belas from Daystate LTD, and Chris Wood, Daystate's agent in Spain)

The NEW Mk3 was on full display, with 4 out of the 9 guns being some form of the Mk3!

Clean and simple display proudly showcased each of the fine pneumatic rifles in the 2003 Daystate Range.

The show brought a steady stream of interested business people, and the booth was rarely empty. No surprise though for the makers of "The World's Finest Airguns"!

Webley & Scott

Webley & Scott had a nice display of the current range as well.

Tony Hall proudly presents the new Longbow rifle. Similar to the Tomahawk in design, only smaller and lighter with a more managable power level.


BSA showcased their full line of spring and pneumatic rifles. The silenced guns shown are illegal for import into the U.S., but the rest are available to us here.


New for 2003 from TwinMaster is the Sport 2!

New trigger addition puts a first stage back into the pull.

Newly designed adjustable sliding weight doubles as a convenient stand!

Small changes to the sights makes for a longer radius and better compensator up front!

The NEW Sport 2 should be available sometime around the middle to end of this year and will cost slightly more than the current Sport pistol.

Air Arms

The always famous TX200 and TX200HC rifles!

The popular S410 and S400 Series rifles!

The ProSport and ProElite rifles!

The EV2 makes another showing with the anticipated release date now targeted at August 2003!

As far as gadgets are concerned, this gun has them all! Built in level, bipod, wind string attachment, butt hook, muzzle compensator and trigger shoe.


New from Diana is the 300 R repeater rifle. Based on what looks to be a Model 46 frame, this rifle has an eight shot magazine system. We should see it here if RWS picks it up in their line!

Bad picture, but just a display of some of the current models available.

The Model 46 Stutzen Prestige is a walnut Stutzen with some extremely fancy chequering. A very custom look to one of Diana's best rifles!


Very nice cut-away rifles show the complexity of the inner working mechanism.


Over at Weihrauch, the new HW 100 proudly displayed!

Weihrauch's addition to the precharged world of airgunning, the HW 100 looks to be an interesting rifle. Designed by a company who know's quality this repeater will be an interesting rifle to play with! However, as with all their guns, this one is as heavy as it looks! Seems steel was definately the metal of choice!

While this was merely a dent in what was on display at IWA 2003, it was definitely the highlights of what I saw on my many journeys around the five halls! The crowds were constant, and the turnout seemed very similar to that of our Shot Show. My thanks go out to Daystate LTD, namely Tony Belas, for the opportunity and privilege to attend the show and represent such a fine company!




Greg Glover

Airguns of Arizona / Daystate America