After spending the better part of a week in the UK, Tony Belas from Daystate and I went across the English Channel and drove into Nurnberg, Germany for the IWA 2004 Show. The drive took us two days and was filled with breathtaking landscapes and historic landmarks. As we drove through Nurnberg on the way to the Messe for setup day, we passed through the center of the modern city into the original walled city, complete with fortified gates and a fortress keep. After the quick site-seeing trip, we arrived at the exhibition hall to join up with Alfred de Vries from Daystate Europe and his two men, Bertus and Arne. We prepared the booth, checked into our hotel and went out for the first of many samplings of the local cuisine. The following day the show began, and the rest to follow is a sample of what was there related to airgunning!

Daystate ~ BSA ~ Röhm ~ Falcon ~ Air Arms ~ FWB


This year Daystate refined the layout of their booth and clearly displayed their line of "The World's Finest Airguns".

The range of Harrier X rifles. (Left to Right: Walnut Sporter with Aperature Sights mounted, Beech Ambi, and Thumbhole Walnut)

Oposite the Harrier X's was the range of Mk3 rifles! (left to right: RT Deluxe, RT, and FT)

To help demonstrate what the electronics functions are, Daystate prepared a cut-away of the Mk3.

To answer the question, "Are the electronics in the Mk3 waterproof?" Daystate placed a shortened Mk3 in a tank and sprayed water on it throughout the show, demonstrating that not only are the electronics waterproof, but the entire rifle can withstand at least 4 days of direct water flow!

Not the best picture, but definately the show-stopper! The NEW Air Ranger had people searching out the Daystate booth for a glimpse of Daystate's newest rifle. The Air Ranger is testing in prototype at 80+ ft/lbs in .22 caliber. The Gary Cane designed and built laminate stock looked the part ontop this magnum rifle. For a more detailed photo of this rifle, please click on the picture above.
BSA Guns

The BSA booth was always busy. Peter Martineau and Peter Knights were working hard speaking with the masses of people that visited the booth.

The complete range was on display from the Super Sport to the Super TEN Bull Barrel.

The TwinMaster pistols and accessories.

The new TwinMaster Match is a refined Competition pistol designed for the serious 10-Meter shooter.

The standard range was there.

Along with the Prairie Series

And the T-Birds. Although no picture was taken, Van Jacobi and his wife from Airhog were working the booth. On behalf of Daystate, we would like to thank Mrs. Jacobi for her assistance in language translation. It was truly amazing just how many languages she has mastered!
Air Arms

The EV-2 was displayed. Bill Saunders says that they will start shipping into the US shortly.

A cut-away view of the mechanism inside the EV-2.

The new backpacker rifle was on display. At the SHOT Show this rifle was named the Ranger, but it seems Air Arms may be rethinking the name as it did not have a tag on display here at IWA.

When apart, the new rifle will fit into a backpack for carry in the field.

A new version of the P700 was on display. We'll see if it comes in through Beeman or not.

Also on display was a new match pistol, the P40. This should become available in the US in about 1 years time. It is a single shot pistol much like the P34.

FWB was right there with the cut-away rifle showing the mechanism inside the P70 match rifle.

All in all the show was successful. There was not much new after attending the SHOT Show, but the things that were made the show. It was nice to shake hands with some of the people that we've only spoken to up until now. Each year this experience gets better, and I am thankful that Daystate has been willing to invite me to come and assist. It was actually this time last year that the representatives from Daystate UK, Daystate Europe and Daystate America sat together and designed the high power rifle that is now almost finished as the Air Ranger. Let's just see what happens in another years time!