Porhammer's Illuminated

Target System
Most Pellet Traps have one thing in common...the dificulty in seeing your shots, especially when using open sights!

(3-Shots Fired)
However, using the P. I. T. S. Pellet Trap, seeing your last shot is simple! And the best part about it is that the trap makes virtually no noise!

(Same 3-Shots Fired)
*NOTE - The P. I. T. S. Pellet Trap is designed to be used with pistols and low power rifles. The materials used in construction are not designed to withstand shots from magnum power rifles and will most likely fail under these conditions.

P.I.T.S. Pellet Trap (Wired with Standard Two-Prong Plug)

One Light Bulb (Installed)

Two Examples of Targets

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