Promethius PILEDRIVER Pellets

The Piledriver is a lead alloy boat-tail pellet which gives outstanding downrange energy, guaranteed to be unsurpassed by any conventional Diablo pellet of equivalent weight.

Caliber Quantity Weight Length Nose Shape
.22 100 30 grains 0.366" Dome

It is extremely difficult to predict how a particular pellet will perform in an airgun.  This is because of the variables in barrel bores, breech faces, loading methods and kinetic energy.  Even two airguns of the same make and model can give different results.  The loading probes on some spring wound magazine fed rifles do not always present the Piledriver with the centerline of the bore, but this does not adversely affect the conventional Diablo pellet, which has its skirt larger than the head and this will centralize itself.  The Piledriver has its head larger than the boat-tail, so it cannot centralize itself without being held concentrically by the probe.  It is essential for the loading probe to either shroud the boat-tail or enter the recess, otherwise the pellet will not enter the bore concentrically, leading to inaccuracy.

Probes need to be not more than 2.5mm in diameter to enter the boat-tail and with the current Theoben Rapid series its probe is unsuitable.  This is one of the main reasons that we do not recommend them for this excellent rifle.

The Piledriver is not recommended in spring/gas ram rifles shooting below 16 ft/lbs kinetic energy.



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