Two Shot Double Take

As distributors for both Webley & Scott and FX Airguns, we have an obligation to keep the facts straight regarding both lines of products. After hearing several discussions regarding both of the two shot rifles, we decided to show the true facts. While FX Airguns builds the FX2000 rifle for Webley & Scott, they have no part in the production of the Raider/Viper. In fact, Webley & Scott builds the Raider/Viper themselves. FX Airguns does, however, produce their own two shot rifle, named the Timberwolf. The following is a feature comparison between the two. We show no bias, and wish to let the details below help you, the consumer, form your own opinions.


Timberwolf Walnut

Raider/Venom Viper Version 


2-Shot Shuttle made of Brass

Walnut Stock

Checkered Pistol Grip & Fore End

Large Diameter Brass Bolt and Brass Fill Plug

Smooth Cocking on forward stroke

1-Side Loading

2 Stage Adjustable Trigger - Sporting Grade

Threaded Muzzle Adaptor - 1/2"UNF

Double Honed Lothar-Walther Barrel

Available in .22 cal.

Power Adjustable from 12-30 ft/lbs

c-t-c @ 30 yards = 0.234" (shot outdoors off solid rest)

2-Shot Shuttle made of Aluminum (Black)

Walnut Stock

Checkered Pistol Grip

Small Diameter Black Bolt and Black Fill Plug

Cocking on rearward stroke

2-Side Loading

2-Stage Adjustable Trigger - Sporting Grade

Built In Barrel Shroud

Lothar-Walther Barrel

Available in .177 or .22 cal.

Fixed Power Level

c-t-c @ 20 yards = 0.297" (shot indoors off solid rest)

Chrony Report

From fill of 200 bar the following are the details of the 30 shot tests.

FX Timberwolf Walnut

Webley Raider/Viper Version

Average speed w/ 16 gr. AOA FT pellet = 876 fps

Extreme Spread = 25 fps

Standard Deviation = 7 fps

Average speed w/ 16 gr. AOA FT pellet = 800 fps

Extreme Spread = 41 fps

Standard Deviation = 11 fps

 Click Here to View Actual Chrony Printout fo FX Timberwolf

 Click Here to View Actual Chrony Printout fo Webley Raider/Viper Version