Hello guys, I thought you might like a follow up on the Hornet that you shot the little group with that is on your web site.

This picture of the target was shot at 53 yds outdoors on a fairly calm evening – I did not use wind flags.

The average for 5, 5shot groups at 53yds was .6662. The pellet used was the Beeman Kodiaks. Velocity average for the 30 shots fired on this fill, was 788 fps with an extreme spread of 14fps. Interestingly, the last 5 shot group had an average of 790fps while the first 5 shot group had an average of 787.2. You definitely do not need to worry about a velocity drop off through 30 shots. I have been shooting it at 31 yds also. The average for the same evening at 31 yds was .415.


These groups are good – but I am quite certain that if I had taken the time to put out my wind flags they could have been better. I also feel that the stock detracts from the accuracy that these guns are really capable of. I plan on putting one of our BR stocks on this gun just to see what it is capable of. The stock that comes on these is very nice for all around shooting – but as I said, it is not the best to really see what the gun will do. I also found that the Kodiaks are by far the best I have tried so far.


Thanks again for your help getting me started with this gun.

Bruce A Thom


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