FX Cyclone .22, Webley Mounts, Swift 6-18X44 Scope, B-Square Bi-Pod, and Nylon Sling

(Awaiting Full Barrel Shroud)


Dear Greg and Robert, this gun is unbelievable. I have had many air rifles but never expected one could be this fine. It is deadly accurate to 150 ft. and is the most beautiful gun on the market. I love the PCP system including the FX compressor (even though it's a little expensive). One full charge lasts me longer than the manual says and I never need to shoot on the highest pressure setting. It remains accurate even as the charge goes down or regardless of the power setting. The gun is so light weight and well proportioned that you wouldn't believe it has the power and accuracy it does. With the scope, bipod (a must), the strap, and the bigger airtube it weighs in at exactly 7lbs. Anyway no one could overstate how great this rifle is, I love it !


Tom Kimble