FX Super Swift


Tom Kimble

If you are looking for a lightweight, deadly accurate, multiple shot air rifle with tremendous power you don't have many choices. The FX Cyclone and the FX Superswift are the only air rifles which meet all of these criteria. These guns literally have no competition. Furthermore, because they operate on compressed air there is no recoil which seriously enhances their accuracy. The new version of the Cyclone (Aug. 2003) seems to have overcome the earlier mechanical problems of this system. The guns come with the longer high capacity air canisters and a factory installed barrel shroud (at a price). The shroud is beautiful and makes the guns very quiet. The Superswift is the meaner looking of the two but the stock does not have an expensive look or feel. The Superswift has a spring loaded cocking mechanism which makes it slightly more difficult to pull back but it returns automatically. I personally don't think it's worth the trouble but the spring is easily adjusted or removed. The Superswift also has a thumb hole which cretainly enhances the stability of the rifle when fired without any support such as a bipod. The Superswift has a very useful hole in the stock to hold three pellet magazines. The Cyclone has a nicely finished stock which looks and feels good because of the soft neoprene inserts and has a very comfortable feel and cheek support. The Cyclone is certainly a more traditional look and feel. Choosing between the two rifles is a matter of personal preference because the weight, power, ease of use and accuracy is the same for each rifle. The mechanism which is a part of the pin that holds the pellet magazine in place on the Cyclone is a beautiful brass circle integrated into the cocking arrangement. The same mechanism on the Superswift is a little flimsy looking and feeling, is not brass and is not incorporated within the cocking arrangement. The Cyclone easily accepts a B-square bipod whereas the Superswift requires removal of the front underside rail ( i.e. sawing it off) in order to mount the bipod because the rail is not as wide as the bipod mount and the bipod would look pretty stupid sticking out on each side. With either rifle I recommend drilling a 1/4" hole in the bipod mounting plate and that you install with epoxy a helix coil screw insert in the stock. Then the mounting plate can be attached with a substantial 3/4" long 1/4 panhead screw to the stock and it is very sturdy. The coil inserts are available at most hardware stores in packages of various sizes and with all required tools and instructions. This step is necessary because the material used in the stock is very soft. I have both rifles and in my experience they are essentially the same guns with the minor differences mentioned above. The biggest difference is in the look of the guns. Do you want the assault rifle look or a more traditional but elegant look? I have the FX compressor and the handpump. I am amazed at how well the handpump works especially if you pump up the canister every time it drops to about 100-150. I have tried Simmons, Swift, ASO, Leupold and Bushnell Elite 4200 scopes with these guns and I can tell you without hesitation the Bushnell is the best thing out there.