The Daystate MK3 Deluxe in .20!

*Not Actual Rifle

Full Power

5 Shots

0.360"@ 50 Yards

Winds Gusting (12-15mph)

Weighed Kodiaks 14.2gr. sized to .2020

Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X40 Scope

Shot by Mike Kemp

"The rifle is of course the
Mk3 *RT*, groups shot off standard owl-ear (front) and rabbit ear (rear)
leather range bags filled with *poly pellets*, which are half-rice-grain
sized plastic pellets, light weight but behave like sand. I have changed the
trigger from *medium* as I received it to *light*. I left the first stage
travel as received, but reduced the first stage pull to almost nothing. I
haven't had the gun out of the stock, so I haven't done anything with the
electronic *sear*.

BTW, I own a Huntsman Magnum 25, a Tarantula 177, a Timberwolf 22, a Logun
MkII 22, and a Sumatra 20, and the Mk3 has replaced my Timberwolf as my
favorite and go-to gun.
" ~ Mike Kemp