As usual, the SHOT Show was great! Held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, the SHOT Show took up two full sized halls with hundreds of exhibitors. Amongst the airgun companies represented were BSA Airguns, Daisy, AirForce Airguns, Falcon, Air Arms, Daystate, Beeman, Brocock, Webley & Scott, Crosman, FX Airguns, Gamo, and RWS. We at Airguns of Arizona exhibited on behalf of Daystate, FX, Brocock, and Webley & Scott in booth #5701. While there more than enough to see, there never seems to be enough time to get around to every booth. Since we were working our booth, this left little time to sneek off and visit the other exhibits.

Lets start with our booth:

Airguns of Arizona

Daystate Stand

(Top to Bottom: ISP Spartan, High Power Prototype, Mk3 RT, Harrier X Thumbhole Walnut, Harrier X Sporter Walnut, Mk3 FT, Harrier X Ambi Walnut, and Harrier X FT)

Webley Stand

(From Top to Bottom: Xocet, Stingray Carbine, Longbow, Longbow Deluxe, Tomahawk, Patriot, Patriot Deluxe, FX2000, Venom Viper)

FX and Brocock Stand

FX - (From Top to Bottom: Tarantula Grade 3, Tarantula Synthetic, Cyclone Copper, Cyclone Light Grey, Cyclone Dark Grey, Cyclone Walnut, Super Swift)

Brocock - (From Top to Bottom: Safari Laminate, Enigma, Fox on Floor)

In the Case

(Clockwise from Top Left: ASO Scopes, Uberti Air Cartridge pistols, Brocock Pistols, Milbro and AOA pellets, and TwinMaster pistols)

Daystate's NEW Rifle

Now, we know that it would not be fair to go much further without describing this piece. Tony Belas, Marketing Manager flew out as a factory representative for the SHOT Show. Here he is holding the new prototype rifle from Daystate. This bolt-action, 10-shot repeater is designed to shoot at 80+ ft/lbs with 40 gr. bullets! At this power, it is targeted to give 10 consistent shots yielding 1" groups at 100 yards. Overall barrel length will be about 24", but the photo shows the MFC to represent the length and thickness. Powered by a fixed buddy bottle, this rifle will fill with the conventional Daystate Fosters fitting. This is an exclusive rifle for the US and Japanese market, and will only be produced at the higher power levels. While the power will be fixed, the option of choosing which high power level desired will exist. This will however only be available above the 50 ft/lb mark. Anything below, check out the Harrier X! The stock on the new prototype is an ambidextrous thumbhole done in synthetic. This is a Gary Cane designed stock, and feels very nice for both right and left hand shooters.

Now, on to the other companies...

Air Arms

At the final hour the Air Arms goods cleared Customs and arrived in Las Vegas to be displayed. Bill Saunders was patiently waiting for Boris Plessiger of Top Gun Airguns to arrive so that the goods could be displayed. Regardless, the booth looked nice. On display were the normal guns expected to be there.

The Springer Range

(From Top to Bottom: TX200 HC, TX200 MkIII, and ProSport, all in Walnut)

The S410 Range

(From Top to Bottom: S410C Beech, S410H Walnut, and S410E Thumbhole Walnut)

An important note...all S400 and S410's now have a fully shrouded barrel.

The S200 Series

(From Top to Bottom: S200T with Diopter Sight and the S200)

The S200T is not available in the US due to contract agreements with Daisy.

And Now...After a Long Wait...The EV2!

While they are not yet to us in the retail stores, they are stating at Air Arms that they should be coming over as soon as all the UK back orders are filled. This rifle feels very nice as a field target gun. It should prove to be a good competitor in the FT circuit.

A new prototype hanging on the booth is the Ranger take-down rifle. This rifle has a detachable butt stock with an action based on the S410C.

On the underside of the butt stock is a groove that holds two spare magazines. This rifle should tear down to fit inside a small carry pack, making it a nice backpacking rifle.


In between the two Daystate copies is the latest rip-off of a TX200. BAM has no reservation in making exact reproductions, even down to copying the minor mistakes made, and spotted by the manufacturers!


Due to the fact that we were too busy to get around during show hours, we have to ask that you ignore the lock-down cables running through the stand. Falcon had many beautiful rifles and pistols on display.

The new Titanium T-Birds highlighted the booth.

The new magazine system is a nice convenience.


The new rifle from RWS is one that we reported on from IWA last March. The Model 300 is a 7-shot repeater based on the Model 46 action. We should see these by April.


From the BSA range come some very popular springers! Also in the mix are two PCP's.

(From Top to Bottom: Spitfire, Tec-Star, Lightning, Super Sport, Super Sport Carbine, and the Meteor)

Also displayed are the BSA PCP rifles.

(From Top to Bottom: SuperTEN Carbine, SuperTEN Carbine Bull Barrel, Hornet Multi-Shot, Hornet, SuperTEN Bull Barrel, SuperTEN)

As of SHOT Show 2004, Airguns of Arizona has become a distributor for BSA Airguns. We look forward to a strong and healthy relationship with BSA, and hope to promote the BSA products to the level of recognition that they deserve.

Peter Martineau of BSA Airguns and Tony Belas of Daystate LTD outside Airguns of Arizona's Showroom.

We'd like to give special thanks to Tony Belas or Daystate for his willingness to help staff the Airguns of Arizona booth, to Peter Martineau of BSA for his confidence in our company, and to all of you fellow airgunners for supporting this fantastic sport!


~Staff - Airguns of Arizona
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