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Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50x56 FT

Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50x60 FT Scope

(Shown with optional sidewheel and bullet drop compensator turret, not included)

Schmidt & Bender FT Reticle

Sport FT1 Reticle


Developed for the precharged airgunner, the Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50x56mm FT scope is the ultimate in optical performance. Finished in what Schmidt & Bender call the "titan" finish, the scope looks as well built as it actually is, and compliments a variety of rifle finishes. This FT model has a unique and highly useful designed reticle that is both illuminated and located in the 1st focal plane. Unlike other balistic reticles, this one works at all power levels with repeatable results. This is because the retical is actually magnified along with the sight picture, which keeps the proper proportions for range estimation. A few more obvious features are the large target turret for elevation (optional), the cap covered finger turret for windage, and the smooth side parallax knob for range finding. For the extreme target shooter, the Schmidt & Bender FT scope is highly sensitive on focusing at maximum power. This means your ability to judge distance at longer ranges just got easier! With the optional sidewheel (shown above) the ability to distinguish yardage is ultra-precise. The 12-step illuminator makes dark obsticles vanish away, and the 30mm tube allows for brighter display at all hours. If competition is your pleasure, there is no better scope made with FT competition in mind.


Eye Relief
Field of View
12.5-50x56 FT
40.5 oz
12.5x to 50x
1/4" MOA
8 to 75 yards
11.5'-3' @100m

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