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So, why are shipping charges as much as they are? Well, there are more figures involved in shipping than just the fee from UPS. On top of the carrier charges there are packing materials, boxes, tape and insurance added to the bill. Time and handling is also figured in, but doesn't amount to much. Due to the fact that we deal in high dollar equipment, we have made it our company policy to only use quality shipping products and always insure our packages for at least the value of the enclosed goods. While our packages may cost a couple extra dollars to the customer, we stand behind our statement that it is worth the added expense for the peace of mind in knowing that your ordered goods arrive safely to your door. This is also why we only use UPS, Priority Mail, and other services which provide tracking numbers to ensure delivery to YOUR door! It is because of these standards that we uphold that our claims with our shippers have diminished to nearly none. Shipping even the smallest order like a tin of pellets would be easier and less expensive to simply drop the tin into a flat rate mail envelope and send it off, but the end result is that our technique gets the goods to you, the customer, safely packed, insured, and with tracking numbers. We have worked hand-in-hand with the shipping companies to make sure our materials meet and exceed their required standards.
Rates do vary based on location, weight, dimensions, and service options. As a general rule the following is applied*:

Ground Shipping to the Continental US

Accessories (up to 1 lb)

Accessories (2-4 lbs)

Accessories (5-9 lbs)

Accessories (10-13 lbs)

Accessories (14-19 lbs)

Accessories (20-24 lbs)

Pistol Alone

Pistol with Accessories (up to 20 lbs)

Rifle Alone (under $150)

Rifle Alone ($150-$800)

Rifle Alone (over $800)

Rifle with Large Accessories (up to 35 lbs)













*Actual shipping charges may vary based on location.

**All weights are rounded up. A 4.1 lbs package will bill as a 5 lbs package.

***Insurance is Required and Included in Above

Express Services like Next Day Air, Second Day Air, and 3-Day Select to Continental US

Please call as rates vary based on location and specific weight and value.

International Shipping

We do ship to International locations. We use USPS Global Express for the rest of the World. All International packages are guaranteed for delivery ONLY into the Customs department in the country of receipt. Delivery to the address on the package is not guaranteed by Airguns of Arizona or the shipping company used. It is entirely the responsibility of the customer to clear packages through their National Customs Department. Airguns of Arizona will not assume responsibility of laws or restrictions on product in specific countries. It is entirely up to the customer to research their local laws PRIOR to ordering. All International shipping charges are quoted for specific orders only. Please email or call for a quote on specific goods to a specific location. Please provide full shipping details when requesting a quote.

Estimates of shipping charges can be researched through the web pages. Actual rates will vary due to handling charges and insurance.

To Track a UPS Package Using Your Order Reference Number, Click Here!
For a quote on any type of package to a specific zip code, please call or email us.
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