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Action CO2 ~ Trainer Combat

Action CO2

Twinmaster Action CO2

Plinking and target shooting with a precision air pistol is a shooting experience that can be done in a basement, living room, or backyard as well as at the competitive range.  The versatility of an air pistol for sport shooting or training is helping to increase the popularity of the sport.  Close range pest control can also be a reason to break out the air pistol.

 The Twinmaster action is made in Germany by Rohm machine works.  This high quality unit competes with pistols priced hundreds of dollars higher and offers much more in precision and feature than the entry-level products.  The Action provides a fast repeating action with match level accuracy.

Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
13.43" 8.66" 1.96 lbs CO2 8-Shot Repeater


Trainer Combat

Twinmaster Trainer Combat

More accurate aiming, better hitting...
...that should please the hobby and leisure-time shooter.
Take off to an affordable price!

This unerring TWINMASTER variant was developed following this motto. This CO2 pistol is excellently suited for improving ones own shooting technique. For handling, the technical design is very important. The new operating elements bring the shooter more comfort and fun.

The "soft-as-silk" double-action trigger, developed by Röhm, allows the weapon to remain absolutely still when shooting. The amazingly inexpensive weapon can be used in a variety of ways. An optimal training supplement for large caliber and sub-caliber shooters.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
11.34" 8.66" 2.43 lbs CO2 8-Shot Repeater


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