Competition Rifles

Shooter 88 ~ Shooter 200 ~ R100

Shooter 88

Alas, a match grade rifle that is adjustable from youth to adult size and utilizes the 88 gr. CO2 cylinder to maximize shot count without the accessories needed for precharged pneumatics.  The Shooter 88 comes grooved for scope or sights, which are sold separately.  The fully adjustable stock allows the shooter to make the rifle fit perfectly.  In rapid fire, this rifle can unload its 8-shot magazine as fast as you can pull the trigger.  In single shot mode, the rifle can be pre-cocked for precise trigger control.  Shooting at 500 fps for approximately 350 shots, this rifle keeps the most accurate velocity for powering match wadcutter pellets with precision.  The Shooter 88's ease of loading and match accuracy make it an ideal rifle for shooting competitions or informal target practice.  CO2 cylinders not included.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
33.38" 16.93" 6.61 lbs CO2 8-Shot Repeater

Shooter 200

All of the same great features as the Shooter 88, but with a compressed air cylinder and precision regulator for ultra-precise control over air flow to ensure shot-to-shot consistency.  The Shooter 200 will deliver 120 shots per fill with match grade consistency.  Match sights extra.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
33.38" 16.93" 5.51 lbs Compressed Air 8-Shot Repeater
Without Sights - $879.73

With Match Sights - $1021.43


Twinmaster takes their design to the highest level with the R100 Olympic rifle.  With a fully adjustable stock, and all the desirable features of a competition rifle, this rifle meets and exceeds the competition in accuracy, function and feel.  Match diopter sights, tools, and hard case carry included.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
42.13" to 45.28" 16.54" 9.48 lbs Compressed Air Single Shot

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