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Trainer Combat Rifle ~ Desperado ~ Guitar Case

Trainer Combat Rifle (TCR)

Twinmaster are more commonly known for their pistol line of airguns, but the TCR takes the pistol concept into the realm of rifles!  Built tough, to accept the included accessories like sliding butt stock, fore end handle, carry handle/sights and muzzle weight.  This rifle uses the standard 12 gram CO2 cylinder and delivers about 60 shots per fill with velocities in the 500-600 fps range.  This rapid fire rifle makes plinking and backyard sniping fun!  The traditional Twinmaster rotary magazine design makes loading and firing easy, and the rugged German workmanship shows in both the finish and the function.  Then, with little work, the rifle will convert back into a Trainer pistol by removing the accessories.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
23.62" to 27.36" 6.02" 5.51 lbs CO2 8-Shot Repeater


This CO2 powered back yard sniper comes complete with adjustable stock, combat grip, hand stop, sling swivels, bipod, muzzle weight, and scope.  The Desperado is light weight hunting rifle, shooting at about 600 fps with lightweight .177 pellets, and an excellent rifle for back yard target practice.  Capable of using standard 12 gram CO2 cylinder or special 16 gram CO2 cylinder.  12 gram cylinder delivers 60 shots and 16 gram cylinder delivers 90 shots.
Length Barrel Length Weight Powerplant Magazine Capacity
36.54" 12.60"
10.36 lbs
(including scope & bipod)
CO2 8-Shot Repeater

Desperado - Optional Guitar Case

To be true to the name, the Desperado fits nicely into this optional guitar case with cutouts available for safe storage of each component.


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