Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty Repair Policy

We stand behind the build quality and workmanship found in select air rifles and air pistols. We are confident enough to offer a Lifetime Warranty Repair Policy on all of these select airguns. This policy assures that during the lifetime of the original retail purchaser, AOA will provide, without cost, all genuine factory parts and factory-authorized labor necessary to repair any factory defect of material or workmanship of the product. Seals and mainspring(s) will similarly be provided for 24 months (2 years) from the verified date of purchase. A copy of the original sales invoice must be supplied to verify the date of purchase.

Of course, some items are not covered by this Lifetime Warranty Repair Policy, including normal wear and tear, customer abuse; unauthorized repairs, parts, or modifications; damage to stocks/wood (including the finish); damage as a result of incorrect lubrication or overlubrication, or as a result of using improper lubricants, breech seals, piston seals, other seals, mainsprings, and loss or theft. This Lifetime Warranty Repair Policy is valid as long as parts are readily available for the guns.

This warranty does not cover guns used for commercial purposes or by institutions. These airguns are covered only by our standard policy.

Important Notice! Slamming a break-barrel gun's barrel closed excessively hard, or allowing it to fly up from an open position can cause an upward bent barrel, a cracked stock, and/or bent cocking lever. This combination of damage always represents customer abuse and is not covered by any warranty, repair policy, or service contract.

This policy supersedes all other repair policies, and is effective starting March 30, 2017. For repairs on any airgun, contact us to receive a Return Authorization before sending the gun prepaid and insured to: AOA Repair, 1970 W Elliot Rd. Ste 109, Gilbert, AZ 85233. Be sure to include a note describing the problem, your name, address, telephone number, and a copy of your dated sales receipt.

This Lifetime Warranty Repair Policy is one of the many reasons why choosing AOA for your airgun repairs and services will ensure your satisfaction and long-term enjoyment of the product. This policy also speaks to the quality and value found in these select airguns and equipment!