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*NOTE – We are discontinuing the Beeman Precision Airguns line of German-made products due to a change in distribution of the Beeman line. As most are already aware, Beeman was the exclusive US distributor for the Weihrauch line of product in the US and renamed the rifles under the “R” and “HW” series names. This exclusive agreement is no longer standing, and the full line of Weihrauch product is now available without the Beeman branding and associated markup. The product is still made in Germany by the same factory that has built the Beeman branded product for years. You can see the entire Weihrauch lineup by clicking here!

The following is a list of the last of our Beeman branded inventory:

R9 - HW90 - HW77

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.20 $489.00

*Compare to Weihrauch HW95 Luxus

Beeman R9

The R9 is a hard shooting, light weight rifle with a traditional spring piston power plant that will give years of reliability. The Beeman reputation for quality is evidenced by the hand assembled finish, elegant hardwood stock with a slight cheek piece, soft rubber butt plate, Rekord trigger, automatic safety, windage and elevation adjusting rear sights, hooded front sight and scope dovetails machined into the receiver. The R9 performs well at 930 fps in .177 caliber and 800 fps in .20 caliber.

Weight 7.3lbs., OAL 43.0", .177 Velocity 930 fps, Muzzle Energy 13.6 FP, ACC c-t-c .15", Break Barrel Cocking, 40 lbs Cocking Effort, Spring Piston Powerplant, 12 Groove Rifling, Beech Stained Stock, Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger, Automatic Safety


$669 - .177

Beeman RX-2

The HW90 uses a "Gas Spring" for it's Powerplant! When the gun is cocked, the stroke compresses a cylinder of air instead of a mainspring. When the trigger is pulled the compressed air expands and drives the piston forward, however the sealed air is never expended. The power can be adjusted with the optional hand pump and pressure gauge. This system produces a pronounced jolt during firing, therefore a short lock time is incorporated in the action. A classic stock is provided that sports a rubber butt pad, and fine checkering adorns the grip. The HW90 comes with windage and elevation adjusting rear sights, hooded front sight and scope dovetails machined into the receiver. The HW90 performs at velocities of 1125 fps in .177 caliber.

Weight 8.8 lbs. , OAL 45.7" , .177 Velocity 1125 fps , Muzzle Energy 18.3 FP , ACC c-t-c .16" , Break Barrel Cocking, 46 lbs Cocking Effort, Gas Spring Power plant, 12 Groove Rifling, Beech Stained Stock, Two-Stage Trigger, Automatic Safety


.22 - $579.00

*Compare to Weihrauch HW77


Internationally recognized for its outstanding field accuracy, the classic HW-77 was the most successful underlever spring-piston sport rifle ever made. Complete with adjustable open sights and the well-known Rekord trigger, the HW-77 shows performance levels at 930 fps in .177 caliber.

Weight 8.7 lbs. , OAL 39.7" , .177 Velocity 930 fps , Muzzle Energy 13.6 FP , ACC c-t-c .13" , Under Lever Cocking , 35 lbs Cocking Effort , Spring Piston Powerplant , 12 Groove Rifling , Beech Stained Stock , Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger , Automatic Safety.

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