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The FX Revolution Continues!
The FX Revolution, semi automatic airgun sports a tactical look which balances well and adds to the fast fire experience.
FX Airguns of Sweden has started a Revolution in airgun performance! The aptly named rifle is a 12 shot Semi-Auto supergun. Twelve 30-ft/lb+ match accurate shots as fast as you can pull the trigger…WOW!!! The rifle delivers 60 shots per fill as well!
 FX Revolution's 12-Shot Magazine loads up easily, but unloads even faster!
The FX Revolution sports tactical good looks, neutral balance, an easy loading magazine, as well as muffled report. 50-yard, ½” groups are commonplace with JSB Exact pellets.
Inside the muzzle break is the forcing cone that utilizes the wasted air behind the pellet to cycle the semi-automatic action. This feature also serves a dual purpose by reducing the muzzle report down to a minimum.
There is nothing else like the FX Revolution currently in production, and this rifle must be shot to fully appreciate it!

For more information on the FX Revolution, please click this link!

Shrouded Air Ranger in either 35 or 50 ft/lbs with the newly designed walnut ambi thumbhole stock.

Daystate has responded to customer request by fitting a very nice thumbhole walnut stock to the Air Ranger as standard. This stock is a very nice grade of walnut with an ambidextrous cheek piece and a thinner profile for increased comfort and decreased weight. Laser cut checkering and finely a curved buttplate add to the overall increased comfort.Daystate has also installed a factory-baffled shroud to the Lothar-Walther barrel. We now have a combination of high accuracy, high power, and ultra quiet report in the 35 & 50 ft/lb versions. The 80 ft/lb version sports a heavy unshrouded barrel with a 1/2″UNF threaded muzzle. The 35 & 50 ft/lb models are free floated wile the 80 ft/lb model has a barrel support.

80 ft/lb Air Ranger with barrel support in Daystate's newly designed walnut ambi thumbhole stock.
These improvements to what has been a proven performer come at no increase in price, making the Daystate Air Ranger factory-built with NO need for extra tuning and customizing! We are certain that you will agree that Daystate has designed a winner with the Air Ranger!For more information on the Daystate Air Ranger, please click this link!