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Well, it started as a simple enough idea: try to invent a game for air pistols that would be both fun and challenging. With a little bit of luck it would hit the sweet spot: just tough enough to be fun, and not so difficult as to be maddeningly frustrating.

Inspired by Roger Clouser’s 1,000-yard pistol exploits, I proposed the Uncle Jock Air Pistol Challenge, which required shooting at a 12-oz beverage can (or a paper target the size of a 12-oz beverage can) at a distance of 50 yards.

The response, I must say, has been gratifying. Many airgunners have taken on the UJ Challenge, succeeded at hitting the can, and had fun in the process.

Jeremy from Bahama, North Carolina, was the first shooter to step to the line. Surprisingly, he decided he could clobber the can with an unscoped Beeman p-1 pistol, and he did, too!

The UJ Challenge's first victim.

Here’s Jeremy’s range.

That light colored box against the far post is Jeremy's target holder.

Kevin in Maryland gave it a go with his Crosman 2540.

Russ S. succeeded using a modded 2240 pistol. The gun is a 2240 with the Crosman steel breech, 11.5 inch barrel, red dot sight, power adjuster, and home built “debouncer”. Ammo was .22 cal. RWS Superdomes at 590fps. He shot from the Creedmoor position at a measured 50 yards.

Clearly those Superdomes can do some damage at 50 yards.

Lee in Virginia also succeeded, with a Jim Ayers modded 2240, connecting with .22 Kodiaks. He says he never shot the gun past 30 yards before the UJ Challenge.

Ian took up the Challenge with a modified 1377 pumper converted to .22 caliber, power mod, and other goodies.

Don Mathisen gave it a rip with his IZH46M fitted with a Sportsman 3-9, benchrested. He put 18/22 shots inside the can. Impressive!

Don Mathisen did some impressive shooting with his IZH46M.

Cecil Coale from Fairview, Texas, emailed me with his results. He shot this target with his model 2300 from the Crosman Custom Shop. It has the long steel breech, 10.1 inch Lothar Walther match barrel and a fixed “super sear.”

Cecil Coale did well with his Crosman 2300.

Here’s Cecil’s pistol of choice.

In addition, there were people who were reporting their results with the UJ Challenge on various forums throughout the airgunning community. Apparently, lots of folks are having fun with the UJ Challenge, and it makes me grin!

So, are you ready for Part II of the UJ Challenge? Here it is: print the UJ Challenge target at 75% and shoot it again at 50 yards. Before you get thinking: “well that shouldn’t be too bad,” let me point out a couple of things. First, at 100%, the dimensions of the soda can target are roughly 4 inches by 2.25 inches. That works out to 9 square inches of target area. But when you print at 75%, the dimensions shrink to 3 inches x 1.69 inches, which is 5.1 square inches of target area, about 57% of the original.

Give it a try, and let me know how you do!

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

Jock Elliott