The Powerline 22SG – Great for Defending the Garden and Training Young Shooters

Monday, December 22, 2008

If you have rabbits in the garden, squirrels in the bird feeder, or perhaps a youngster or a young person you would like to introduce to the joys of marksmanship, the Powerline 22SG combo may be just what you are looking for.

The 22SG (the SG stands for Small Game) is a.22 caliber multi-stroke pneumatic air rifle that is 37 inches long and weighs 4.5 lbs. It has a wooden buttstock with plastic buttplate, wood forearm, metal receiver with dovetail for mounting a scope, and a 20 inch rifled steel barrel.

The Powerline 22SG combo includes a Powerline 4×32 rifle scope that has mounting rings already fastened in place. Just remove the 22X and the scope from its blister package, loosen the large knobs at the bottom of the scope mounts, slip the mounts over the scope rail on top of the receiver, and tighten the knobs. That’s all that is required for setup. Now, you’re ready for sight-in. The hardest thing in the whole process is getting the blister pack open!

The action of the 22SG is charged using the pumping lever which sits between the two halves of the forearm. The pumping effort is remarkable light, and the air rifle can be pumped up to a maximum of 10 times to deliver maximum velocity of 550 feet per second with light pellets. The pumping effort increases very little during the pumping process.

To load the 22SG, first open the breech by pulling back the bolt on the right side of the receiver. This also cocks the action. With the scope mounted on top of the receiver, loading requires placing the pellet in the slot on the top of the receiver just to the right of the breech and rolling the pellet into the breech. It’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Now you’re good to go. Take aim, squeeze the trigger, and you’ll discover that the 22SG has a remarkably light and crisp trigger for an inexpensive air rifle. There is a muted “pop” as the shot discharges, and the pellet goes down range. At 10 pumps and 11 yards, the Daisy 22X will readily shoot nickel-sized groups (edge to edge) with the right pellet, and at 20 yards, the 22SG has the power and the accuracy to protect the garden or the bird feeder.

In his fine book American Air Rifles, James E. House said this of the 22X: “ . . . it represents a fine balance of size and weight with power and accuracy. Because of the easy pumping action of the 22X and its overall size and weight, it would be a good choice for a youngster accompanied by an adult who wants to hunt small game or shoot pests. It is a favorite of my wife . . . “

He adds, “[it] is an ideal choice for a light, trim .22 caliber pellet rifle.” I agree.

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