Crosman Introduces Benjamin Marauder PCP & New 3-Position Target Rifle

Monday, January 12, 2009

Crosman's new Marauder is a multi-shot PCP with shrouded barrel.

At the SHOT Show, Crosman Corporation is introducing the Marauder, a new PCP multi-shot, bolt-action rifle. Designed for a fill pressure of 2000 psi of compressed air rather than the industry norm of 3000 psi, the Marauder will be available in both .177 and .22 caliber.

The Marauder features a hardwood stock with ambidextrous raised comb and custom checkering, a choked and shrouded barrel that provides improved accuracy and ultra quiet operation, and a new two-stage adjustable match grade trigger pack, with redesigned metal trigger. The Marauder, which weighs 7 lbs 8 oz and stretches 43 inches from end to end, also has a raised design aluminum breech that makes it easier to load and is grooved to accept 11 mm scope mounts. The innovative auto-indexing 10-round clip provides for faster follow-up shots. The Marauder, like the Discovery, has a built-in pressure gauge to display the gun’s level of charge, and a quick-disconnect Foster fitting for easy filling.

The .177 rifle produces up to 1,100 fps on compressed air, and the .22 rifle delivers up to 1,000 fps, according to the factory. Dual-Fuel technology allows the Marauder to operate on either compressed air, supplied by Benjamin’s patented hand pump, or from CO2. With a full charge of air at 2,000 psi the new multi-shot bolt-action rifle delivers a minimum of 35 to 45 consistently accurate shots with the factory setup.

Crosman's new 3-position target rifle, the Challeger PCP.

Crosman is also announcing a new 3-position target rifle, a redesigned model of its highly successful Challenger 2000, the new Challenger PCP. Built on the innovative Discovery platform, the rifle will be a .177 caliber, single shot, bolt action, three-position competition target rifle. The Challenger PCP features a fully adjustable stock, ambidextrous steel straight pull bolt, hooded front aperture and fully adjustable rear sight. The synthetic stock will be have an adjustable butt plate and cheek piece for the best possible fit. The new Challenger PCP will also feature a fully adjustable, two-stage, match grade trigger.

Featuring an adjustable striker travel and spring system, the Challenger PCP will allow for velocity control adjustments to offer proper performance, no matter the competition format. A minimum of 70 shots are possible at 530 fps on a single charge of air. The Challenger PCP also comes equipped with a floating Lothar Walther barrel which ensures superior accuracy. The Challenger PCP uses Crosman’s Dual Fuel technology and will run on either High Pressure Air or CO2. Working on only 2000 psi of pressure means that anyone will be able to fill this gun using either a hand pump or high pressure air bottle.

Crosman consulted with Ray and Hans Apelles to help make the new Challenger PCP a rifle that will exceed competition target shooters’ expectations. In addition to being two of the most prolific airgun shooters today, Ray and Hans Apelles are also the newest members of Team Crosman. Their years of experience shooting and combined technical knowledge make them a perfect fit for Crosman and a perfect test bed for the new technologies you will see in the next generation of Crosman and Benjamin guns.

The Challenger PCP will weigh 7.3 lbs, while the length will be adjustable from 38 ¾ inches to 41 ¾ inches.

And, yes, I expect to be testing both the new Marauder and the new Challenger as soon as they become available. Here’s some more information.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

– Jock Elliott


  1. CHOOCHOO says:


    1. Jock Elliott says:

      All precharged pneumatic airguns (PCP) will require some sort of system to charge them, whether it is a high pressure pump or a SCUBA tank.

      The only PCP that comes with a charging system (a pump) included that I know of are some versions of the Crosman Discovery.

      So basically your comment applies to all PCP rifles and pistols.

  2. Darrell vaughan says:

    what fps do the maurder shoot when fill with co2 the 22cal.If the temp is about 40degree wil it have a lot effact when use co2 i no this get to be a good gun read good review on it just dont no which cal to get i want to be able to shoot out 50yards hold dead on any sugg

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      I have not tested the Marauder when filled with CO2, but I do not recommend using CO2 for shooting below 40 degrees F.

      If you plan to shoot at 50 yards and beyond, I would recommend the Marauder in .25 caliber, and charge it with air.

  3. HH25 says:

    Mr Elliot,
    Recently purchased a .25 Marauder, questioning tank use vs hand pump? How many fills can one get from a 80cuft tank @ 3300psi, 80cuft @ 4350psi? Trying to calculate cost per fill of tank & tank cost vs a hand pump? Planning to fill Marauder to the 3000psi level. Unable to find info to clculate the fill use number.
    Thank you for the assistance.


    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Google “tank fill calculator” and you should find what you need.

  4. shane says:

    hi my name is Shane and no one can answer this for me yet. I have a new Benjamin .25 Marauder that has a couple mods like a debounce device and the out side barrel extension that allows for two more baffles witch i like allot and the debounce saves allot of air.I don”t know how that will change the setting i need and i have been trying to find out what the best average settings to all my adjustments like air screw, pre-load, spring tension, and any other settings that will help me get it shooting the hardest and fastest i can for long shoots. I have heard it can be set up to go over a 1,000fps is that true and would i need allot of mods to do so or can i do it with just the settings i can adjust. I know allot of others i talked to would like to know the same thing so hope u can help and hope to hear back from you. Thanks from Shane

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      For information about tuning the Marauder, I suggest you check in at the Crosman Airgun Forum:

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