The Unusual Brocock Enigma

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Brocock Enigma, left view. There's not much the shooter can fiddle with on this side.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that the Brocock Enigma in an unusual airgun. The moment I clapped eyes on it in its long slim box from Airguns of Arizona, I knew that whoever had designed this air rifle had started with a clean sheet of paper and not a lot of preconceived ideas.

The Enigma measures just a hair under three feet from muzzle to the tip of the butt pad and weighs just 6 lbs. 13.5 oz. without a scope mounted. At the extreme aft end of the hardwood stock is a thick ventilated rubber butt bad. On either side of the butt stock is a cheek piece, making it suitable for both left and right handed shooters. Underneath the butt stock is a stud for mounting a sling.

The right side of the Enigma. The knob for detaching the butt stock is clearly visible at the rear of the receiver. Above the trigger is the safety, the bolt, and (just forward of the bolt) the magazine.

The pistol grip is nearly vertical and is checkered on either side. At the forward end of the butt stock is a large knob with finger indentations. Turn it counterclockwise, and you can detach the butt stock from the rest of the Enigma, breaking it down so that the longest piece is a little less than two feet long. Forward of the knob, on the right side of the receiver, is a lever type safety. Push it up (so that the red dot is exposed) to fire the gun. Push it down (so that the green down shows) to safe the action. Below the safety, at the bottom of the receiver, are the metal trigger guard and gold-colored metal trigger. Also on the right side of the receiver is the bolt and a slot for inserting the magazine.

There are no shooter-activated parts on the left side of the receiver except for the large stock-connecting knob. On top of the receiver is a dovetail for attaching a scope. At the forward end of the receiver is the .22 caliber barrel, which is roughly 18 inches long and has a screw-off end piece for attaching a silencer where that is legal. Beneath the barrel is the air reservoir, which also has a cap that can be removed to access a male foster fitting for filling the reservoir with a high pressure pump or SCUBA tank to 190 Bar.

Underneath the air reservoir and the forward end of the receiver is the hardwood forestock, which has a stud for attaching a sling or bipod (furnished with the Enigma) and an air gauge.

To ready the Enigma for shooting, pull the bolt all the way back and pull the 9-shot magazine out of its slot in the receiver. To load the magazine, line up the opening in the magazine with the hole in the clear cover and drop a pellet, nose-first, into the opening in the clear cover. I found it necessary to poke the pellets with a ballpoint pen to get them to seat full in the green rotary pellet holder below the clear cover.

When all nine pellets have been loaded, insert the magazine into the slot in the receiver so that (a) the flat side of the magazine is vertical and (b) the clear cover is facing toward the buttstock. There is really only one way that the magazine can be inserted into the rifle, but if you are accustomed to magazines where the flat side must face downwards and try to insert the magazine in that orientation, you’ll spend a minute or two wondering what’s gone wrong.

Next, push the bolt forward. This pushes the first pellet out of the magazine and into the barrel. Flick off the safety and squeeze the trigger. The first stage of the trigger is very short and comes out at 1 lb. At 5 lbs. 14 oz, the second stage trips, and the shot goes down range with a resounding boom! Filled to 2800 psi, the Enigma launches .22 JSB Express pellets with alacrity: 30 shots at 895.5 fps or 25.6 footpounds of energy.

The Enigma delivered this 5-shot group at 32 yards.

Despite a report that is louder than I like and a trigger that is heavier than I prefer, the Enigma acquits itself very well on the range. At 32 yards, it put 5 JSB Exact Express pellets into a group that measured just .5 inch edge to edge. That works out to just .28 inch center to center.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott

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