The Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Air Rifle – Tactical looks at a very affordable price

Monday, November 28, 2011

The M4-177 with the stock collapsed.

Recently Crosman Corporation brought out a new air rifle – the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Air Rifle. As the “M4” in the name strongly implies, this new rifle looks like a tactical carbine, the same look that a lot of powder-burning varmint rifles have adopted in recent years.

The M4-177 is a .177 caliber multi-stroke pneumatic air rifle capable of launching both .177 pellets and .177 BBs. Almost all the visible parts of the M4-177 are molded of engineering polymer. Not surprisingly, it weighs just 3 lbs 9 oz and stretches just 30.3 inches from end to end with the stock collapsed, and 33.75 inches with the stock fully extended.

The M4-177 with the stock extended.

At the extreme aft end of the M4-177 is corrugated butt plate that has slots top and bottom for attaching a shoulder strap. A lever underneath the adjustable stock allows to be slid in and out to adjust the length of pull (LOP – from trigger blade to butt plate) to the shooter’s preference. The LOP can be as short as 9.75 inches or as long as 13 inches.

Forward of the butt stock is the black polymer receiver which has a black polymer pistol grip attached below it at roughly a 45 degree angle. On the left side of the receiver is a tab that can be rotated sideways to allow a generous supply of BBs to be poured into the M4-177 and a BB retainer button.

The hole into which up to 350 BBs can be poured.

Ahead of the pistol grip is the trigger guard which surrounds a black plastic trigger and which houses a push-button safety. Forward of that is a magazine housing. The faux magazine can be dropped out of the housing, and serves as a storage place for the 5-shot pellet clip and the tool for adjusting the front sight.

The faux magazine serves as a storage place for the pellet clip and the front sight adjustment tool.

Forward of the magazine is the forearm, which serves as a grip for holding the M4-177 while shooting and also as a pumping arm for charging the multi-stroke pneumatic action. Toward the front end of the forearm, on the underside, there is a short section of Picatinny rail which could be used for attaching accessories such as a laser or a flashlight.

The front sight attaches to the Picatinny rail near the muzzle.

Beyond the end of the forearm, you’ll find the barrel, which has a plastic molding on it that provide Picatinny rail sections top and bottom. The post type front sight clamps to the top section of Picatinny rail. Moving back along the barrel, you’ll find another section of Picatinny rail on top of the receiver. The peep type rear sight (which has two different apertures and flips from one to another) clamps to this section of rail or a scope can be mounted. On the right side of the receiver, you’ll find the bolt for cocking the action and a slot for inserting the 5-shot pellet clip.

The right side of the receiver, showing the bolt (pulled to the rear) and the slot for inserting the pellet clip.

Adjusting the sights on the M4-177 is a bit unusual. For elevation adjustment, use the special tool stored in faux magazine to move the sight up or down as needed. For windage adjustment, you’ll need a screwdriver to move the rear sight left or right as required.

The rear sight attaches to the Picatinny rail on top of the receiver.

To load BBs into the M4-177, slide the BB loading port cover to one side, pour in up to 350 steel BBs, and slide the port cover back to its original position. Next, push the BB retainer button forward (toward the muzzle), point the barrel at the ground and twist and shake the air rifle to until the “visual magazine” on the left side of the receiver is filled. Push the BB retainer button back toward the butt stock to keep the BBs in the magazine. Insert the empty pellet clip into the breech slot so that the bolt will pass through one of the pellet chambers. Pump the M4-177 at least 3 times but not more than 10. Pull the bolt all the way back (two clicks) and push it forward again. The magnet on the end of the bolt will pick up a BB from the BB magazine and slide it into the barrel.

Squeeze the trigger. The first stage comes out at 3 lb. 13.4 oz. At about 4 lb. 14 oz., the shot goes down range. At ten pumps, the M4-177 launches steel BBs at around 650 fps. I found that’s enough to blow through both sides of a soup can at 13 yards.

Loading pellets requires inserting 5 pellets into the 5-shot clip (make sure the M4-177 is empty of BBs first). Pump the M4-177 up to ten times, pull the bolt back, slide the clip into the breech until it reaches the first detent, and slide the bolt forward again. Pull the trigger. At 10 pumps, the M4-177 launches Crosman Premier 7.9 gr pellets at about 625 fps and delivered a one-inch edge to edge 5 shot group at 13 yards from a sitting position under relatively lousy conditions. Good enough, I think, for terminating pests in the garden at short range.

In the end, I liked the M4-177. It’s fun to shoot and will definitely put a smile on someone’s face on Christmas morning. For an airgun that will probably sell for under a hundred bucks, that seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott


  1. Leeth says:

    I have a M417(the first ones made where M417 they have now changed it to M4-117) I have a 3-9X40 scope on it which i sighted in at 15 yards. I target practice at 25-30 yards with it and I get .6-.8 inch groups all day long with the occasional 1 inch group(not enough of 1 inch groups to really count) with it at 10 pumps. I’ve made a few 50 yard shots with it and I have to aim high to get it to hit the mark but I get consistant 1.5-2.25 inch groups out of it(on a nice clear day with no wind) and it has enough power to go completely through an orange and lodge the pellet into the plywood about 1 foot behind it. The pellets I am using(I am against using bb’s in this gun since it has a rifled barrel I dont see a point in using them. I haven’t even opened the bb fill port on mine and never will.) are crosman 7.9g pointed lead pellets, but Im almost done with my last can of those and I will be trying out the crosman destroyer pellets. I’ve had the gun for 3 or 4 weeks so far(can’t remember exactly) and I have no complaints. I have had not a single problem with it, the fit and finsih is impressive and its a good balance of functionality and simplicity, and the weaver style rails all over it are really nice since they give you lots of room to customize it. its a really fun gun to shoot because of its accuracy and power and its light so it doesn’t wear you out. For $85 you cant beat it. I hope my 2 cents helps someone who may be thinking about getting one. my only wish for this gun is that they will come out with a PCP version and give it alittle more power(800-1000fps) and semi-auto never hurt either.

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments!

      1. Leeth says:

        your welcome.

  2. James Running Wind says:

    I saw this in an Academy Sports and Outdoors ad in todays Sunday Paper. Im going out to get one. I have been looking at these for awhile. Being 42 yrsold. I still like to plink, I got a Silent Cat 2 yrs. ago and use it while squirrel sniping in the deer blind, because of the quietness, doesn’t spook potential game. I wish makers would stop being so politically correct, and make an ar-15/ m4 like this one, but silenced like the Gamo Whisper and pump out PBA pellets to 1,400 fps. That would be the winner in my book.

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Kevin C. says:

    I saw this gun in American Rifleman….as a kid my parents bought me the Crosman M1 carbine air rifle (which I still have) so naturally I needed to get one of these M4’s! Once I recieved the gun i immediately started plinking and fell in love with it!!!! Great power and accuracy and has the feel of the real AR15. the only thing I wish is that it was made with more metal and not all plastic..other than that,great gun!!!!

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments!

  4. Shaun William says:

    Jock, that was a great non-biased review of a fun and reasonably priced air rifle. I purchased my M4-177 a couple of months ago for $75 and I love it. I had seen this rifle before at the store but I convinced myself that I didn’t “need” it. When I went to the store again a few weeks later I saw only one left and that pressured me to buy it. I got my first Crosman air rifle 20 years ago (Crosman Backpacker) and I have to say, the newer air guns have improved a lot. I couldn’t imagine if the M4-177 existed back when I first started shooting air guns. I would’ve been in heaven. Like Kevin mentioned in his comment above, the M4-177 definitely has the feel of an AR-15. Straight out of the box it shot quite accurately and when guests come over and see it, they immediately want to go out back and shoot it. All in all it’s a great plinker.

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Rudy Pina says:

    I recently purchased this rifle and I love it, I have a 3 9×40 scope that I purchased for my .30-.30 that got mounted on this M4-.177, I currently have it sighted in at 10 yrds which is about half of the lenght of my yard (don’t want to make neighbords mad).
    Crosman did a good job with it, I just wish it would have a little more metal or aluminum on the body specially the pump mechanism which at times seems like it wants to go sideways on you if you don’t take your time, otherwise its a great gun to have fun with or get rid of small pest.

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments!

  6. Shawn says:

    Recently purchased M-4. A wonderful addition to the , Crosman , line. Have been using , Crosman’s , for 35 yrs. Have nothing but praise for this weapon & it’s manufacturer…..

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      Thanks for your comments!

  7. Corey Heidbreder says:

    As soon as I saw this gun I knew I had to buy it. So I scrapped up some cash and bought it. When I opened the box I was impressed but like others said they wish it was made of more metal that plastic… me too because my stock busted and am wondering if anybody can tell me of a good stock under the price of the gun that fits that would be great help. other wise the gun is a 10 in my book!

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      I suggest contacting the good folks a to see about a replacement stock.

  8. Chris says:

    love the m417 alas the plastic over barrel broke into 4 pieces at the pump end, including the tabs that stabilise the pump arm, its only 1 month old, Crossman will not reply and cannot find any parts anywhere…its a shame, I love the gun, will try and get something made in metal,

  9. simon suckling says:

    hey, i have one of these and the little magnet on the rod or pin, whatever you call i t is missing. its the magnet that puts the ball into the chamber, any clues on where i can get 1 of these

    1. Jock Elliott says:


      I suggest contacting

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