Happy New Year and New JSB Beast pellets!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year to our loyal readers from all the crew at Airguns of Arizona. Thank you for making 2014 a great year! We are looking forward to 2015, and already have big plans and wheels in motion for making this another great year in airgunning. Stay tuned in for up-and-coming posts, and please continue to comment with questions and feedback. We want this blog to be a service to its readers, and we welcome any thoughts or suggestions to make it even better.

Now we can not leave you without a product review of some sorts, so here ya go!

We often focus all our attention on the big items like air rifles and pistols, and in doing so, we overlook the smallest (yet possibly the largest) component to the airgun hobby…the pellets!!!

JSB is one of the premier makers of pellets today, and they are working hard to satisfy every need the market creates. Their latest design was made to focus attention on the .177 precharged market, where high power has been penalized by a lack of quality pellets in a heavy weight. The US is full of power hungry customers, but we are spoiled with an open market mostly without caliber or power restriction, so .177 is not our go-to choice when power is craved. Elsewhere in the world, however, there are limitations on caliber. India restricts all airguns to .177 exclusively, and other countries as well, so JSB was quick to respond to the growing need for a heavy .177 pellet.

For those who stay in tune with JSB’s line of pellets, you are likely saying “What about the JSB Exact Heavy .177 at 10.34 grains?” or “How about those 13.43 grains JSB Exact Monster .177 pellets?” Isn’t that enough weight for these power crazy airgunners???


JSB Beast .177 16.2gr. Pellets

Pavel Kolebac, Owner/Designer/Pelletmaster Supreme of JSB, took it even further with the new JSB Exact BEAST in .177.

JSB Beast a bit long for some magazines!

JSB Beast a bit long for some magazines!

These “little” pellets weigh in at a massive 16.20 grains and will overwhelm most magazines at an impressive 0.31 inches in length.


JSB Beast Cylindrical Design

The shape is what many call “cylindrical”, and is great for long range ballistics. The head is rounded, and the skirt is shallow, making them bullet-like in looks and function. Use of the Beast pellets should be limited to high power Precharged Pnuematics only, and even then we recommend use in .177 rifles designed to shoot at 25+ ft/lbs of energy. These JSB Beast pellets are good news for shooters using magnum rifles like the AirForce Condor, Daystate Air Ranger Extreme, or some of the Korean models. Each tin comes with 250 of these little beasts, and great care was given in packing them nice and secure for safe delivery.


Until Next Time,

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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Oh man! I wish these things had been around two years ago. I might still have my 24″ Weihrauch barrel for my Talon SS. The only thing that was heavy enough to shoot subsonic in it, even after I had drastically tuned it down were Eun Jins and the best they would do was 1″ at 25 yards.

    Any chance we will see a performance test on these pellets?

    I enjoy reading this blog every Monday morning and I hope that it continues and continues to improve. I was a bit concerned when I did not see a new post yesterday. Is Jock on vacation?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      We can look into some performance testing.

  2. Josh says:

    Interesting.. but where are the heavy .25s?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      From what we have been told, they are in the design stages.

  3. KSR says:

    The article says:
    “India restricts all airguns to .177 exclusively,..”

    Actually that is not correct. Import of Airguns over .177 Cal is restricted. Airguns of .22 Cal continue to be manufactured in India.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Thank you for clarifying.

  4. Wayde says:

    Would these an appropriate option for a Trail NP XL 1500?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      They would not be ideal as they are a bit heavy for the Benjamin XL. The design was made for precharged airguns.

  5. phillip says:

    they work good in my stoeger x20 some springers can shoot these mine get dime size groups at 15yrds awesome

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