Another way to enjoy airguns…with Milbro Mohawk Darts!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Here in the USA, airgunning is still a growing industry and the sports and activities involving airguns continue to grow and spread throughout clubs and local groups. And one event, which is catching on quickly, is airgun dart games! Thanks to the fine people at Milbro Sports in the UK, a proper dart has been reintroduced into the US airgun market. Available in .177 or .22 caliber, these Mohawk darts can be identified by the black streak woven in through the traditional 4 colors of yellow, blue, green and red. This feature marks the Mohawk dart and identifies the quality in the design. Capable of being shot through smooth or rifled barrels, Milbro claims that no harm will come to the rifling because the mohair is the main point of contact with the barrel. The Milbro Mohawk darts are best shot through low-powered air rifles or pistols, and are not suitable for use in a magazine fed airgun.

Mohawk darts are available in either .177 or .22 caliber.

So, pull out your old air pistol, dust off your low powered spring rifle, and get get an inexpensive dart board out. We promise you will have hours of great fun! We did, and so did the 100+ people at last years Extreme Benchrest event, where we first debuted these fine darts in a fun shoot! If you cannot locate a shooting club locally to share this great activity with, we highly recommend you start your own amongst friends and family. With the cold weather going around the country this winter, think of all the fun you could still be having indoors with your favorite airgun and a pack of Milbro Mohawk darts!

Leave us a comment with your airgun/dart stories, or share your ideas on some good games to play using these Milbro Mohawk darts. And please remember, that while these reusable darts are fun, and can be used in a game like traditional darts, they are still dangerous.  Eye protection and safe gun handling rules still apply and caution should be taken by the shooter and anyone nearby.

Until Next Time,

Get Out (or stay in) and Shoot!


  1. Vance Davenport says:

    Make them in 20 cal.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Right now, they are only offered in .177 and .22.

  2. RPM says:

    Would these darts be easy to load and safe to use in a Beeman P3 or P17?

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      Yes. The darts are undersized at the metal ring to prevent damage to the barrels. The seal is made at the mohair.

  3. Robin says:

    I play baseball on the back. Shoot the bases in order, or try for a home run by shooting the bullseye. Whatever configuration, it’s fun to shoot those from my old American classic, or low pressure Air rifle.
    I need new darts though! Glad to see these are being sold now in the US!!

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