Importance of having the right tools…the Chapman Tool Kit

Monday, April 27, 2015

Whether you are simply maintaining your airgun by keeping the stock bolts tight, adjusting your sights or scope mounts, or diving in to do some serious airgun-smithing, you need to have tools appropriate to the job at hand. More to the point, tools that are designed to work on guns and the parts used in assembling air rifles and pistols.

U-Shaped Bolt

Notice the U-Shaped Channel

If you look close at stock screws on something like a Weihrauch HW95 rifle, you will notice that the slots for tightening/loosening are “U” shaped. And, if you look at a standard household flat screwdriver, you will notice that it is NOT! This means that using a common tool from the toolbox may get the job done, but it will likely scratch or mark your blued screw heads.

Household Screwdriver

Standard screwdrivers have a V-Shaped Tip

The Chapman Tool Kit solves this problem and many more. Complete with variety of Allen-head, Phillips and Square-Tip Flat screw driver tips, the Chapman Tool Kit is the best tool assortment assembled for airgun use! The come packaged in a durable, well organized case with a cool Desert Tan coloring, and includes a driver handle, extension bar, and a ratcheting handle.

Chapman Screwdriver Tip

Chapman Tool has a U-Shaped Tip. Perfect for Airgun Screws!

The Chapman 27-Pc Tool Kit is one of those “must have” items for any airgun collection!


Chapman Tool Kit has a variety of uses!


  1. Tom says:

    Second product in a row that I’ve had since the 1970s. I bought one of the Chapman kits at a local gun shop. About 5 years ago I gave it to my wife to use on her sewing machines.
    That doesn’t mean I’m a nice guy. It means that gave me an excuse to buy a new one for me. 🙂

  2. Yogi says:

    Does this tool kit include any allen hex keys? Seems you need them for everything on guns, from scope mounts to trigger adjustments.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Yes. It has 11 Standard and 7 Metric Allen-type adapters. Perfect for most airguns!

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