Meet the AoA team – Jared Clark

Monday, April 6, 2015

Like so many of the Airguns of Arizona team, Jared Clark wears multiple hats. He answers the phone and talks to people about their airgunning needs, deals with all incoming shipments, and manages the warehouse and inventory.Jared1

He got into airguns through a somewhat unusual route. “We lived in the city, so we didn’t have a lot of room,” Clark says. “I got into airsoft with a bunch of friends, and we used to put on our goggles and shoot each other in the back yard.”

He adds, “My family knew the Buchanans. Robert gave me a Beeman .177 airgun, and I started shooting lemons off my mom’s lemon tree. I sometimes shot birds, but mainly I am a target shooter.

“Airguns of Arizona hired me as a shipper when I was 14 years old,” Clark says. “Steve was covering shipping, and they wanted to get a part-time guy to do the shipping and handling. That was in 2004.”

“Except for one year after high school when I went to junior college and played baseball, I’ve been there ever since, and my job has been constantly evolving. I do a bit of everything. We all cover for each other, although I try to stay away from repairs. One of the great things is that I get to test airguns every day.”

Now Clark is in charge of the warehouse – keeping track of inventory, labeling things, keeping it clean, and informing Greg what needs to be ordered. Since he is in charge of incoming shipments, if you send to Airguns of Arizona, Clark will see it first.

Two years ago at the Extreme Benchrest competition, a fellow named Giles from a YouTube airgun channel wanted to interview someone from AoA, and Clark was nominated.

Jared2“They thought it went pretty well,” Clark says, “so now I have done five or six video productions that involve unboxing, touring the product, shooting for accuracy and velocity strings. The first one was a Daystate Wolverine B. It was intimidating at first, but the guy who does the camera work helped me to feel at ease, and it has been growing on me. I actually kind of like doing it now.”

For his after-hours airgunning, Clark likes to compete in airgun benchrest, and he is keen to try his hand at field target. He owns an FX Superswift and is enthusiastic about it. “I love the balance, the light weight, and the simplicity of the magazine.”

Whenever he gets the opportunity, he enjoys dove hunting at the local dairy farms. “It’s a lot of fun, and a service to the farmers,” Clark says.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

  • Jock Elliott


  1. Athanasios Dimulas says:

    Great Story,Welcome back Jock.Will be looking forward to your future Blogs !


  2. Scott Marsh says:

    I am starting an INDOOR Field Airgun course in Tulsa Oklahoma. Using Drop-Down targets and landscaped lanes

  3. Michael Kinholt says:

    I viewed your video on the FX Boss.
    Very good.
    I bought one after watching this video.

    Good job Great gun!

  4. Vance D. says:

    Keep the good vids coming Jared.
    Great job !

  5. Gary says:

    Jared ….you do a Great job…..I have watched your videos over and over many times and enjoy and learn something on each viewing….
    Keep up the good work…..
    Have a Great Day, Gary

  6. Mike says:

    Jared, great review on the Brocock Bantum. I loved that you shot from an indoor bench at 25 yards and then at 50 yards (outside). So often we only see 10 yards, it may even be in the wind.
    Thanks for showing what the rifle can do.

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